“Art is how we decorate space; music is how we decorate time.”

We are proud to announce that, for helping you to better “immerse” in the art experience, now the @fannibalgallery has a music player.

Do you know a song that it’s perfect for this series? Or that describes perfectly a NBC Hannibal character? You can suggest it! And suggestions are always open ;) If the song is approved (we’ll probably do a poll on twitter for every suggested song!) it will become part of the fannibalgallery playlist!

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Reminder that you can always submit art (both giving us the link of an already existing piece on tumblr or uploading one!) that is related to Hannibal, and not only NBC, but also from books and movies!

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Last week, I was in Florence and I had the luck to see some filming of Hannibal Season 3. This painting has been inspired by some photos shot during a scene set near the Uffizi Gallery.
The title is an Italian musical term that literally means “joined”; i.e., played smoothly, in a connected manner.

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