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Milestone anti-Trump giveaway

Ladies and gentlemen, this blog has now reached

So @wendigoskitchen & I decided it’s time for another give-away!

As you all know, Hannibal Lecter is not a fan of rude people.

He’s also not a fan of Putin and the puppet he managed to install as POTUS.

So we’re giving away two “Eat the Rude” anti-Trump pins

three “Eat the Rude” anti-Trump stickers:

and one Hannibal for President sticker of your choice:

Give-away rules under the cut: 

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This is my Hannigram fanarts book giveaway in RDC2.( A5 and 42 pages)

I re-edited this book to A4 and increased pages to 64. and I prepare gift for Bryan Fuller, so I will print this week. If anyone interested in my fanart book, Please send msg to me. I will print for you, but I will charge you print fees £10.

I will give you book in RDC3, you can give me print fees in London. But if you can’t attend to RDC3 this year, I need to charge you shipping fee, according to your location.

Sorry I can’t giveaway this time because it too many pages and less amount print so I can’t get good price :S

#### # Warning # #####

64 pages almost Hannibal and Will no other characters…..and those are my art works since 2013 Season 1 ~2016

2016 - Art Summary | questionartbox

It’s about that time of year again! I’d like to believe I’ve improved a bit over the year. And at the very least, I’m glad to have met the lot of you!
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Thank you so much for everything. Your every positive message, tag and reply makes me want to draw more! Please stay strong in the upcoming year, and let’s hope it will be a better one!