hanni art

[ And it’s all fun and games,
Til somebody falls in love,
But you’ve already bought a ticket,
And there’s no turning back now

So I sketched something else I had thought about… hmmph a lot more innocent than my previous contribution for the fest lol But anyway, kind of my kink to see Will take the lead insteadEspecially if it means to break the rules a bit  ╘[◉﹃◉]╕

-For the #JustFuckMeUp event by @hannibalcreative

Yes, I know, murder husbands in Cuba with tans and pastel colored clothes, but hear me out for a second. 

Will and Hannibal in some nordic country, with air cold enough to freeze your lashes and the tips of your hair. Stumbling back into their cabin with red ears and red noses and numb fingertips despite their gloves, giggling and huddling in front of the fireplace with hot tea and probably people stew because they’re still terrible people

Will getting up at 5 AM to go ice fishing, and Hannibal burying himself under the warm covers and muttering about having married ‘an insane person, Will, get back into bed’. Will coming back home at 7 AM with fresh fish and retaliating by sticking his freezing feet between Hannibal’s calves. 

Hannibal ordering tons and tons of increasingly expensive knitted sweaters over the internet in an effort to get warm, and Will laughing at him and telling him to just ignore the aesthetics ‘for once in your life, you ridiculous man’ and go put on several layers like everyone else. 

Murder husbands in the snow. You feel me?

Hanni and Will on a Coffee shop Date (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡