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honestly the best thing about the finale is that hannigram is canon now, so Mads can talk about Hannibal's giant ridiculous ROMANTIC crush on Will to his heart's content.

I kinda get the feeling Mads talks about things however he sees them regardless, heh, but yeah. 

Did anyone ask him what his take was on Hannibal going over the cliff with Will? Did he think of it as knowing, knowing just a shade too late, or what?


Цитаты, если что, - это “Восхождение”. Там они произнесены в аналогичной ситуации. На самом деле даже странно, что Фуллер, затолкав в разные углы сериала моменты из, собственно, “Восхождения”, не дал им в уста еще и эти фразы.