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Drabble games prompt #26: “It’s always been you.” requested by @everyjourneylove || More Dwalin fics || Fanfiction Masterlist || Drabble Games series || Notes/Warnings: brief cursing-EDIT: F bomb removed || can be read as part of the “If Only You Knew” series, or independently || incorporates this imagine from @imaginexhobbitImagine Dwalin showing you affection by patting your head or ruffling your hair

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I like how Hanneth automatically assumes Eren was crying because Mikasa was mad at him. As in, has this happened before? Has Eren cried when Mikasa got angry at him?

and then of course eren must go and deflect like ‘crying? who’s cryin–YOU STINK UGH EWW’ because that is what children do.

On a more serious, note, though, it’s not a good thing for a soldier to be drinking on duty. It shows you how lax they are. How unprepared. And hoo boy do they regret that.

Meanwhile, Mikasa in the background kinda smirking like 'haha no not this time. but last time…’

Eren’s friends with this guy. We know Hanneth isn’t a bad guy at all. But he’s definitely not a good guy, here. He and his pals? They’re drinking. Drinking while on duty. Even if there hasn’t been an attack in a century, even if you’ve seen small, 15m class Titans beating harmlessly at the wall, it’s still your job to man the gates. Not only is it unprofessional to drink on the job, but, morally, it’s despicable to be intoxicated while the lives of citizens are in your hands! 

You may be a well-meaning guy, Hanneth, but the lives of citizens were in your hands on that day. You and your comrades failed in your duty. You saved two children. What if you hadn’t been drunk? What if you and your friends had taken your job seriously? Fewer people would have died. You wouldn’t have been able to take down the Colossal TItan or the Armored Titan. But you would have been able to save people. Saving people was your job.

And you were too drunk to do it competently or successfully. I have no sympathy for you, there. 

Ok but seriously. Hanneth, where the fuck did you come from? Because you are NOWHERE NEAR THESE CHILDREN IN ANY OF THESE PICTURES AND THEN–WHY HELLO THERE, CHILDREN. wtf man.

I mean I like this guy, but c'mon, man. Where were you hiding? I bet you were hiding intentionally to sneak up on them. I bet you would.