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List of snk characters who deserved better
  • Isabel Magnolia
  • Farlan Church
  • Marcel
  • Carla Jaeger
  • Ilse Langnar
  • Thomas Wagner
  • Mina Carolina
  • Franz
  • Marco Bodt
  • Mitabi Jarnach
  • Ian Dietrich
  • Ness 
  • Gunther Schultz
  • Eld Jinn
  • Petra Ral
  • Oluo Bossard
  • Mike Zacharias
  • Lynne
  • Henning
  • Gelgar
  • Nanaba
  • Erwin’s arm
  • Hannes
  • Nick
  • Erwin’s dad
  • Nifa
  • Keiji
  • Google’s-kun
  • Kenny Ackerman
  • Kuchel Ackerman
  • Moblit Berner
  • Marlo
  • Erwin Smith
  • Bertholdt Hoover
  • Ymir
  • And literally anybody who died in this fucking manga 

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Momtaku!! i read a theory about Mikasa's headache, is it true someone she cares/knows will die in the future if she got headache (Example : Grisha, Hannes), or something else???

Mikasa’s headaches come in at #3 on the SnK “Super Suspicious”  list. I don’t know what theory you read, but @teetanjaeger catalogued them a year ago and wrote some thoughts.

Chapter 83 gave us our latest, complete with the trademark “throb” and anguished head clutch.

These headaches do seem to take place when she thinks she’s losing someone she loves.  I’m sure it’s going to be explained, and I’m pretty sure it’s all going to tie in to her Asian bloodline. And while I’m being totally speculative, I’m somewhat less confidently sure that her super fast healing ability is tied into this as well. (Quick crack theory that I may or may not actually believe: Grisha developed the serum that healed people using Mikasa’s mother’s Asian blood.)

So yeah, it’s super curious and super consistent and it makes me believe Mikasa’s Asian background is going to be super important because maybe it includes some nifty tricks like healing or some other cool ability.

@papanara askedfor Eren and Mikasa searching for the best present ever for Armin and anything for you, dear <3 I always feel all the brot3 love. That’s it friends! Thank you all so much for your requests; I had so much fun writing them all. Tomorrow will be for my Secret Santa and then I’ll have a fic up for New Years. I hope all of you have wonderful holidays! :3

Eren was beginning to doubt his brilliant idea to wait for the last weekend before Christmas to find Armin his gift. That was mainly do to the fact there were so many people here he didn’t think he could even move without running into someone. He shoved his hands in his coat pocket as he leaned up against the wall of one of the buildings, the street and sidewalks in front of him lined nearly shoulder to shoulder with people. The store fronts glimmered under the night sky, Christmas lights and decorations lined just about every inch of this place.

In his defense he did think the outdoor mall wouldn’t be quite a packed near the end of December but clearly he was very wrong. Did these people have no lives? Christmas was in a few days and all these people still were shopping. He decided to stop his train of thought there realizing he was very much one of those people this year. Normally Mikasa forced him to go earlier in the month to make sure he didn’t procrastinate but this time she went along with waiting for at least Armin’s gift for whatever reason. Maybe he finally just wore her down.

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