hannes brushes

anonymous asked:

For your newer pieces, such as magic lesson and betrayer, what program(s) did you use to draw them in; sai or photoshop or both or other? Also if you really don't mind can you share your brush setting for the program(s) you used? Lastly, do you have any advice for achieve a more paint like look? Sorry for burying you with questions. Ooh, forgot to say LOVE YOUR ART, I really like the atmosphere your art give off.

Hello! thank youu I’m glad you do!! ;; I’ve been using only photoshop for a few months now mainly because of the brushes, the ones i use the most are Hannes’ brushes, it’s a really complete set and i love it

it would depend on what style of painting you are going for but for a general rough paint like look my advice outside of brushes would be

  • work with 100% main opacity on your brush
  • use only one layer, or fewer layers, merge it all from time to time
  • hand pick your shades 
  • don’t blend too much (this smudge tool by mezamero is great i love it)
  • simplify in bigger strokes, detail with smaller ones where needed
  • avoid airbrushing
  • work with rough sketches or sketch with big strokes to plan your lighting and general shape and no lines

please keep in mind I’m no expert and i’m also new to this, there is no right or wrong way to do these things tho, test it out and find what’s comfortable for you. brushes play a huge role in style, not only because of the finish but they also change the way you draw when you use them, play with brushes! these are just some things to try out and train yourself and hopefully it will help you find your way, have some Solas brush example for good luck