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The 1975’s iconic performance of Love Me at the Mercury Prize Awards

Otto Giese (left) on watch with Hannes Fröhlich aboard U-181 while in the Indian Ocean, late 1944/Jan 1945.

On 6 May 1945, Otto Giese dropped the two code-key machines into the Singapore harbor, and later that day, the boat was “taken” by the Japanese Captain Marujama. Admiral Paul Wenneker sent the message on 8 May, that Lubeck was in place, “an early agreement between Germany and Japan, if one nation lost and the other continued fighting, the former would render its war material to the latter.” The crew was taken to Batu Pahat. After Germany’s surrender in May 1945 the U-boat was taken over by Japan at Singapore and commissioned as I-501 on 15 July 1945.

Photo is featured on Page 218 of Giese’s book “Shooting the War” which i bought recently and is a very good book packed with plenty of great photo’s!


This is pure perfection. Very emotional.