Hans/Anna week 
↳ Day Four: Swordfight (deleted content)
Hans/Anna week 
↳ Day Nine: After the Great Thaw

「 It took several years but Anna soon forgave Hans for everything he did. As for Hans, he thought it would have been easier if she just hated him for the rest of her life.」

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” (Abraham Lincoln)

My alternate Frozen ending

Day 13 of Hanna Week! True Love’s Kiss.

I really loved Frozen. But I still can’t groove on the Hans good guy/bad guy reveal thing. I think it was a cheap copout designed to shock audiences and was not handled honestly or well. I saw the movie for the first time, spoiler-free, on Christmas and kept running over it in my mind. Finally, I decided to outline how I would have done it, if I’d been one of the writers.

I did that back in December, before I even got on tumblr. So to honor the last day of Hanna Week, with the theme of True Love’s Kiss, I expanded it.

I can’t stand when writers don’t allow their characters to stay true to themselves. And I saw that in Frozen. I accept the film, but I think that there are parts of the writing that were flawed. That’s just my opinion, but it shapes how I feel about the entire film, and about Prince Hans.

So. Without further ado, this is how I would have ended Frozen

(Super duper Disney-style SFW)

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Hanna Week: Day 5: Favorite AU

I have so many AUs that I simply worship, but my constant favorite has always been the King!Hans/Queen!Anna AU. Something about Anna slowly submitting to Hans and releasing her darker side has always been very appealing to me! I can see them being ruthless rulers together, so I made this with the doll maker.

Other favorite AUs include: mermaid!Hans and human!Anna, hockey!AU, viking!AU and the one where Hans isn’t a dick.


OKAY, so far these are my contributions to Hanna Week!

You don’t know what i’m talking about? Man, you’ve been missing out!

From 13th to 26th the fandom will be posting Hanna drabbles, fanfics, movies, montages, artwork…regarding a certain theme!

My submissions are for days II and III:

Day II: Touch: Dancing, Sock Sliding and Chin-Grabbing

Day III:  Love is an Open Door

People, you have no idea. I came back home to visit my family, and when i was about to draw some stuff for this event…

My pen. I brought my bamboo tablet AND I FORGOT MY PEN.

After setting many things on fire, and flipping a table, i realized that i would not be defeated so easily. So, i picked up some pencils (hella, haven’t drawn grey-scale stuff in AGES) and thanks to my faithful mouse i was able to polish and give a little spark to the drawings.

Using my mouse, ahahahah, i’m seriously back to the dark ages.

Well…i hope you enjoy anyways :>

Stay Basted!

Hanna Week Day II: Touch: Dancing, Sock Sliding and Chin-Grabbing

“I can’t stop this feeling, Deep inside of me.

Girl, you just don’t realize what you do to me when you hold me in your arms so tight. You let me know everything’s all right.

 I’m hooked on a feeling, I’m high on believing that you’re in love with me.

Lips as sweet as candy, its taste is on my mind. Girl, you got me thirsty for another cup o’ wine.“

Pucks and Hearts

Hanna Week Day V: Favorite AU

Well, I can’t tell you if this is my favorite AU, but it’s definitely the one I’ve invested myself in the most. Seriously.

This is, finally, the one part of Ma Bonne Etoile that I glossed over just to tease all you fuckers.

And I guess that makes this the finally completed birthday gift for hansideburns. Hallelu.

Fandom: Frozen
Pairing: Hanna
Rating: M
Warnings: trop de fluff

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Guard Duty

Day Two of Hanna Fortnight! Touch: Dancing, Sock Sliding and Chin-Grabbing

This nsfw, but I’ve read (and written) far worse.

Bjørn hurried down the hallway.

Where were they?

He’d only had one job tonight. Just one command.

Keep an eye on the Princess of Arendelle.

He’d done a good job, too. She’d been at the Queen’s side. Then she danced with some little old man. After another visit with the Queen, she’d been in the arms of someone who seemed more her type. Bjørn’s commanding officer had said the man was a visiting prince.

That had been right after the young couple had gone out on the balcony.

Bjørn had been pleased to see them enjoying each other’s company. The Princess deserved to find happiness after all this time locked away in the castle.

They’d stayed on the balcony for so long that Bjørn had finally let his eyes wander a bit. There was so many interesting sights and sounds all around him. He’d never witnessed a royal party before. The gates had closed when he was still a teenager – a good two years before he’d lucked into the royal guard position.

A pair of beautiful women strolled by. The delightfully pale, black-haired one gazed at Bjørn, then raised her fan to giggle with her friend.

Feeling flirtatious, Bjørn winked. Then he glanced at the balcony doors.

They were closed.

Where was the young couple?

Bjørn felt a tightness in his chest as he swiftly crossed the ballroom and stepped on the balcony.

They were gone.

Not good.

He looked in the gallery…the parlor…the sitting room…the library…but he didn’t find them.

He frowned as he stepped back in the hall.

Then he stopped, cocking his head to the side to listen.

Was that…singing?

Bjørn broke into a run, following the light airy sounds as they drifted down the hall. He didn’t have time to think about the absurdity of the situation. He focused on the joyfully harmonizing voices. A man…and a woman. It might be the Princess and her gentleman friend.

The singing got louder as he ran. Surely he was close. He stopped, panting, and carefully opened the door before him.

There they were. The Princess and Prince. Sock sliding on the shiny lacquered wooden floor. Bjørn stared in surprise as the couple hurried through the door at the other end of the hall. He could hear muffled giggles.

Bjørn smiled. Good for her. He was glad the Princess was able to still be her fun-loving self, even when a possible suitor was involved.

But not without Bjørn on guard. He carefully followed their steps.

“Keep an eye on them, Bjørn.” His commander’s voice echoed in his mind.

He didn’t need to get involved. Not unless the Princess was in danger. But he had to watch.

As the couple continued their song, he kept a distant tail on them. Everything seemed fine. Perhaps a little unorthodox, but that wasn’t surprising, considering the kind of girl Princess Anna had always been.

“Have you ever had a girlfriend?” The Princess’ voice carried through the hall to Bjørn’s ears.

“What? No! Well, not really.”

“Me, neither. Wait.” The Princess giggled. “I mean, I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

“I find that hard to believe.” The Prince’s voice rumbled seductively.

Bjørn waited, listening quietly.

Then the Princess sighed. “I’ve just been locked up in this castle my whole life. I never ever got to play with other children. Just Elsa, but that didn’t last long. Never any boys.”

“Well, that explains it,” the Prince replied. “If any boys had been around you at all, they would have been all over themselves trying to woo you.”

The Princess giggled again. “I’m sure lots of girls were interested in you. You’re so…I mean, hello! Look at you!”

“Well, I have known plenty of women.” The Prince’s voice was so low that Bjørn had to strain to hear.

Anna’s voice turned serious. “I do worry about it, though. That I won’t know how to act around men. Like when we met, out at the docks! I really embarrassed myself out there.”

“I thought you were charming,” the Prince’s voice was like silk. “I still do.”

“Well, even you like it, who else would? And then, if I do find a man who’s actually interested in me, then what do I do? I don’t have any idea what men and women do together.”

“I could show you,” the Prince purred.

Bjørn’s eyes widened. This certainly sounded like something he should break up. However, he’d been told to only interfere if Princess Anna’s life or health was in immediate danger. Did virtue count as health?

The Princess sounded enraptured. “Oh, would you? Please?”

Bjørn stood in the shadows, debating in his mind whether he should rush over or not. The young couple fell silent, although Bjørn occasionally heard quiet moans…or sloppy wet sounds.

They’re probably just kissing, he thought. That should be fine.

But what if his commander asked for a full report?

He had to know.

He carefully…quietly…tiptoed around the corner and down the carpeted hall. After years of service to the crown, Bjørn knew every creaky floorboard in the castle, and he put the knowledge to good use. The Prince and Princess never heard his approach.

They were in the cushioned window seat, just off the north bedrooms. If he moved along the wall, he could conceal himself in the shadows next to one of the suits of armor – provided the young couple didn’t look too closely.

Princess Anna gasped, then moaned again.

Bjørn sidled along the wall. Only a few more meters, and he could see them. He edged closer…closer…

His eyes widened as he took in the entire scene. Princess Anna – the woman he’d watched grow from a tiny girl – was on the Prince’s lap. Her head was thrown back over his shoulder, and her eyes were closed as she made tiny noises of pleasure.

Her bodice was pushed down, and the Prince was squeezing each breast with his pure white gloves.

The Princess’ skirts were pushed up in the back. Although everything was covered from the front view, it was obvious that she was bare against him underneath.

And Bjørn wasn’t an innocent man. He didn’t need anyone to explain that the Princess’ regular bouncing rhythm meant that she was currently riding the foreign Prince.

“Oh! Oh!” She bit her lip, trying to stifle her cries as her climax neared the peak of its crescendo.

Bjørn froze in place. He shouldn’t have let this go so far. But how exactly was he supposed to break it up now?

“Hans!” she screamed. Her voice echoed down the silent hall.

The Prince smiled darkly, then glanced up. His hooded gaze met Bjørn’s.

Bjørn didn’t move.

The Prince raised an eyebrow, ever so slightly. Then he lifted a hand to the Princess’ chin, tilting her head to expose more of her white neck. He leaned down and began sucking the side of Princess Anna’s throat. She moaned in rapture.

The Prince’s eyes never left the guard’s.

Bjørn made his decision.

She didn’t look like she was in any life-threatening danger, anyway.

He stiffly nodded at the Prince, then turned on his heel.

Let his commanding officer deal with this one. This was definitely beyond his expertise.

He was done. Officially done.


Hanna week - Day one

Day I: Friday the 13th, the number 13, Bad Luck & Bad Deeds 

Warnings: Angst!Hans centric, some violence and mention of (could be seen as) gore, (non canon) characters death.

Informations: Hans tried to kill Elsa only to bring summer back, he never harmed Anna or deceived her the same way he did in canon. But when he got back, he was still sort of disgraced, and Anna was invited in the Southern Isles, in hopes to improve the 2 countries’ relationship.

(montage by krumkakecuties)

So much more than the 13th prince

Being born as the 13th prince in line, especially in the Southern Isles, was a curse. Not only was his mother’s health very fragile since his birth, but the number in itself.


This damned number which only rised superstition.

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