Mass Effect is breeding a generation of young minds who if they live to see contact with aliens their first question will be “Can we have sex with them?”.

Drunk Grunt is perfect because

Selarians have wiggly arms

It was broken when I got here.


Damn your lettuce!

Are you a wizard?



Gimme more, gimme more.. Gimme more…….

Hehe shotgun, every time

I found this blue rock for you Liara

*more snoring*

Who’s a space cowboy….? ME huhuhu

I’m a pretty bird

Are you talkin to me!? You must be talkin to me.

Duct tape.

They don’t look like birds. They look like cats.


I’m sad Hannar can’t wear sweaters.

What are clowns hiding??



You notice Cerberus is indoctrinated very early on.

It’s not them attacking Grissom Academy, it’s them attacking the Citadel head on.

Why?! What would Cerberus gain with controlling the citadel? What would they have access to?

The archives for one. The Council, stats on all the species in the galaxy, who has space flight tech or not, who’s pulling out of the war and laying low in the hopes of the Reapers passing them by, access to the colonies & their mech security, access to the Prothean data (even if they did go extinct, they were the ones to throw the wrench in the wheel), access to Spectre missions.

Out of all of that, the only thing Cerberus would be interested in is Tech, the Spectres and The Archives, they’re science hoarders at the core. They could care less about Hannar colony stats or viability for Quarian settlements or Volus planets.

Everything else? Access to security codes the Council has strict access to, information on their people? That’s something the Reapers want.

teach me to touch me

Fandom: Frozen
Pairing: Hanna
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Masturbation. x2 ayyy

“Glad I caught you.”

Anna recognized the smooth, sweet voice from earlier and her heart leapt. She had daydreamed something like this would happen, every moment since their equally-clumsy first meeting. For her fantasy to actually come true? It must be fate.


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