Got home about 20 minutes ago and I’ve had the best weekend ever. Hq on Friday night was amazing and it was so awesome seeing/speaking to Sas, Hans, Andy and Court, they’re such beautiful people. Cried A LOT during Kites bc Andy is a butt but its ok because it ups my emo points (according to Stephen).
Went to Chelsie’s with Mikayla afterwards and we played guitar hero, listened to music and stayed up until 4am playing “who would you rather”. Had the best sleep ever then got alcohol for punch, had pre-drinks and caught the train to somewhere idek where and drank canadian club out of Mikayla’s bag. Some dude came up to us at the station while we were waiting for another train and offered us $20 to say a sentence to his friend so Mikayla and I went and did it then bought cigarettes and went to Jaden’s house. Got through 6 litres of the punch (Mikayla and I basically had 2 litres each lmao) and just hung out for a few hours listening to music and petting one of Jaden’s dogs which was cool. Played “never have I ever” and discovered new things about all of my friends. Got high with Mikayla, Jess and Jaden before we went to bed and Mikayla and I had a huge dnm which was very much needed. We all hung out in Jaden’s little granny flat thing and Mikayla and I had a laughing fit and I haven’t laughed that hard/often in a very long time. We went and saw Jaden’s horses which was rad and we fed one of them (the only one that came up to the fence). Trekked it back home which took a little while but it was worth it. This whole weekend was worth it and I wouldn’t have done anything differently. (This was a really long post eek)