One of the most magical things I have ever experienced

I walked down my driveway to see if the road was also covered in snow. I stood in awe of the white blanket. Just the sound of snow fall is amazing enough. As I turned around to make my way back to my house there was a deer staring at me. I couldn’t believe it, not because I never see deer here, but because it was just so perfect. I was, in that moment completely at peace.

my dream last night was soo weird. I’m pretty sure I have had it before though.. Basically I was in this car with this guy ( some random dude my brain made up ) and I think he was high from cocaine or drunk or something idk. But I was freaking out. He was literally just trying to kill us and his idiot friend was just laughing in the back seat -__- haha the only way I could get him to stop the car even for a second was just to grab his face and kiss him hahahaha.

THEN I had another one before that but I had just said yes to go to snowball (on the night of snowball) so I had to wear a dress I already had and I was freaking out. I ended up just having a break down and not going :/

I realized I have very stressful dreams…

Aries: People sometimes see you as simple minded, and selfish- In reality, you have severe identity issues and need to figure out who you are, and you are very deep- just also very good at hiding it, because you know most people can’t understand you.

Today was so great! first of all it snowed! I love snow so that was a surprise, Then was able to move quite a bit to my new home. Best of all I GOT A CAR!!! It is exactly what I wanted and I could not be more happy about it! I love it. Hope to be driving soon. work tomorrow and scared to see my new schedule, but I’m sure it will be fine.