jeongeunjis  asked:

P >.>

Well you know, that’s a good question.

Honestly, if someone has achieved the title of “best friend” from me they get to keep that. And all of the people I’ll name I’m still close to. So my best friends would be:

Stephanie, Julia, Kelly, Rhiannon, Hannah, Maddie, and Ashley.


With most of these, we were always in groups of three (Me/Steph/Julia, Me/Kelly/Rhi, Me/Maddie/Ashley) .

I always felt incredibly close to all of these friends, and I definitely would consider them my best friends. But I always felt like the other two were closer than I was, usually they’d been friends for just a TINY bit longer. I’m not sure why or how that worked, but sometimes it made me a little insecure. I never had that ONE BEST FRIEND when I was growing up. I’m still very close with all of the people I listed above, some more than others. They’re all important parts of my life.

And then there’s Hannah. We been close since we first met at camp. She’s the one person that’s been JUST MY best friend, we’re the kind of dorks you see in all of those cheesy teen movies that scream and do everything together and have each other’s backs no matter what. She isn’t just fun to be around, she makes me want to be a better person. Even though we have a lot of differences, ultimately we complement each other and I can’t even imagine what my college experience and my life would be without her. SO.

The answer to this question is Hannah.

(sorry that was so sappy jeez)