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Archie and Valerie could of had beautiful mixed babies but all the writers are worried about is seeing 2 crackers fall in love and one cracker can’t even make up his mind about who he wants

When someone disses your show

Pretty much exactly me 💁🏻😂

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“Rose Noir” - Digital Oil Painting

Rose Tyler, looking very Film Noir, with some extraterrestrial jewelry the Doctor just had to purchase for her. At least, that was my inspiration! Could also be Hannah Baxter, stepping out as Belle for the night, or just Billie, looking beautiful as usual. ^_^

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Due Course - Tyler Lockwood

Pairing: Tyler Lockwood x Reader

Characters: Tyler Lockwood, Caroline Forbes

Warnings: N/A

Request: Hi! Love your writing ❠can I request a Tyler Lockwood x mate!reader where they’ve been friends for a while but Tyler has figured out they’re mates and doesn’t know how to tell her because he’s scared he won’t want him so tries to move on with someone else which really upsets the reader? Thank you!

Word Count: 840

Author: Hannah

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- Nie wiem, czy jestem romantyczką. Po prostu znam tylko jeden rodzaj miłości.
- Jaki?
- Na całość.
- To niebezpieczne.
- I to mówi amator wspinaczki górskiej! Przecież kiedy się wspinasz, ryzykujesz, że stracisz życie. Kiedy ja kocham, ryzykuję, że ktoś złamie mi serce. Wszystko albo nic.
—  Kristin Hannah