Okay but can we just talk about Eponine and Fantine for a minute? I was listening to Les Mis (surprise surprise loving-neko) and there are a lot of repeated melodies, sure, but I listened to the bit where Fantine’s dying, and the melody was really familiar, and I realized that it was the same as On My Own, and holy shit did that bring on a lot of feels. Eponine and Fantine are actually surprisingly similar in some regards, if you think about it. They’re both poor (but have known better) and they both die for love. (Fantine for Cosette, obviously, and Eponine dies to save Marius.)


It’s funny that Jacob Kemp sings the lead in this, because I always considered these songs more Jack Kelly than David. Like you can’t hear lyrics like, “I’m street smart, I got New York City heart,” and not think Jack Kelly.