Soooo today had so many downs, and then my best friend said something that stunned me for quite sometime today, and that became an up, I’m not sure why it did, but it did. I love my best friend so much, I’m glad we’ve become better at being friends, this past year, maybe longer, idk, but our friendship has grown and we practically know each others secrets and we will never lie to one another, I hope. :P but yeah, I’m grateful that she’s in my life, basically the only friend I have left in Arkansas, so here’s to you, Hannah. Love you, biotch.

You are the AO NO EXORCIST Fandom (also known as the blue exorcist fandom) you are a boy who seems to cause trouble wherever you go as if you are some sort of MAGNET for it. You love cats, your friends with weird eyebrows and hair, manga and COOKING. You are a DEMON and your goal is to defeat SATAN. You carry a FABULOUS pink umbrella with you always (you can never be too careful…….or stylish) and although no one seems to notice them you have a rather NIFTY pair of knee high red BOOTS. You hate HOMEWORK and the prejudice that seems to follow you.

Homestuck © Andrew Hussie

Ao no Exorcist © Kazue Kato

Art by me :33

(I am sorry I did it again it’s too fun this fandomstuck stuff - I bother you poor people with all my dodgy art  ;A;~</3)