Preference #25 He Makes You Feel Insecure (Niall)

**Thank you hannahl-ouise98 for this idea!

You had an audition in the morning and you were really nervous, so Niall offered to help you run your lines. “Okay, so I’m going to be the main character named Jessie and you are going to be Mark.” You tell him. “And Ni, please be serious I really need to know these.” You say. “Don’t worry, babe, I got this. I’ll be serious and I know you’re going to do great.” He says. You smile a bit and then you both start going over the lines. After a while, you start getting some of the words mixed up. “Babe, you okay?” Niall asks. “Yeah, it’s just sometimes, I get tongue tied because of my dyslexia.” You say. He nods and you both continue and you start messing up the words more and more. “Why don’t we take a break?” Niall says. You nod and go and get something to drink from the kitchen, when you hear Niall on the phone. “Yeah, we’re just running some of her lines for tomorrow. Well it’s hard to tell because she can’t read the script for shit man.” He says. “She keeps getting her words mixed up and it screws everything up. I really don’t see how she has a career in this. I mean she’s a great actress, but how does she get through an audition if she can barely read the script.” He says. After hearing your boyfriend say those words, you almost dropped the glass in your hand. All your life you struggled with dyslexia and with people making fun of you for it and now your very own boyfriend was making fun of you. You heard him get off the phone and you went back into the living room after composing yourself. “Ready to do it again?” He asks. “No, I’ve had enough. I don’t want to over do it.” You say. “I’m just going to go upstairs and take a bath.” You whisper. He looks at you confused and shrugs. “I’m going to go over to Zayn’s house and watch the game then.” He smiles. You just nod and go upstairs. You hear him leave and you sigh getting into the tub.  You sit there and can’t help, but breakdown as all of the feelings of when you were younger and the kids would tease you whenever you had to read out loud. You were always insecure about this especially since your dream was acting. At one point, you didn’t even want to try to pursue it because of it, but you pushed through and you worked hard to learn the script and not mess up. Apparently though, that wasn’t good enough at least not for your boyfriend.  After a while, the water started to get cold, so you got out. You dried off and changed before getting in the bed and lying down and falling asleep.

The next morning, you got up and got dressed for you audition and saw that Niall was still asleep. You sighed and were sort of glad that he wasn’t awake because you didn’t know what he would say. You grabbed you a quick breakfast and headed to the audition. The entire time you were extremely nervous and Niall’s words from the previous night were running through your head and you kept stumbling over the words and messing up. Once it was over, you knew that you had blown that. You knew that you wouldn’t get that part or any part in their movie. You got in the car and just broke down crying. Maybe Niall was right; maybe you weren’t cut out to be in this business. After about twenty minutes, you headed back to the house and walked into Niall eating on the couch. “Hey, Y/N.” He smiles when you walk in. “How did it go?” He asks. “Exactly like you said it would.” You spat. “I didn’t even get through the audition because I kept screwing up the words. You’re right. I’m not meant to be in this business because I can’t even read a freaking script. “ You yell. “Yeah, I heard you on the phone last night so didn’t even try to deny it. I’m going upstairs. Don’t follow me. Don’t do anything. Just leave me alone.” You say running upstairs and slamming the door shut before you lock it and breakdown crying on your bed.