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The questions for me:

1. Favorite breed of horse?

2. If you had to go swimming somewhere, would you choose the ocean or a pool?

definitely the ocean :)

3. Favourite move of all time (if you can pick one)?


4. Favourite TV show at the moment?

The Vampire Diaries

5. Favourite thing about christmas?

The fabulous, hot weather

6. Do you have any pets? If so what do you have? and names:D

I have 1 American Boxer dog called Ziggy, and 2 cats called Zoey and Lisa

7. Whats the thing directly to your right?

The Fault in Our Stars book

8. Three words that describe your personality?

Friendly, weird and funny :) 

9. When your bored what do you like to do?

scroll down my dashboard for literally hours /:

10. Most prized possession?

I’m really grateful for everything I have :) 

The questions I’m giving you :)

What is your favourite song at the moment?

What is your favourite food?

Who is your biggest inspiration?

What is your favourite season?

Favourite thing to do in the summer?

How do you like to spend your free time?

What are your biggest pet peeves?

What is your most embarrassing moment? (sorry)

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Have you ever travelled? If so, where have you been?


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Taking Images off the Internet and reposting.

In lieu of some recent Instagram shenanigans (well not necessarily recent but ongoing) to do with photo’s being taken off here and reposted without credit I composed this short rant and posted it on my Instagram and Shelby suggested I post it here.

Okay I just need to rant about something here. If you take someone’s image off of Tumblr, DeviantART, Facebook, their Website, etc. and proceed to comment ‘Not my photo’ THIS DOES NOT CONDONE TAKING THAT PERSON’S IMAGE.

Some may argue ‘Oh if it’s on the Internet it’s fair game, anything posted on the Internet belongs to everyone now blah blah’ NO IT DOES NOT. Anything that is your creation ie. photo, drawing, story, etc. is your Intellectual Property aka IP. When someone takes your IP it is called IP Theft and is 100% Prosecutable by Law and can come with hefty fines. So taking someone’s picture off their tumblr and posting it on your Instagram (even though you say it’s not your photo) is ILLEGAL.

It really bothers me because there are so many accounts on here that just take people’s images and become famous off of it, gaining thousands of followers. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on my camera equipment. My job is how I pay for my horses board each month, his shoes, his vetbills, my show fee’s, etc. Though you may think that taking someone’s image is not a big deal, to a photographer it is. It’s so offending and it just pisses us right off. What makes me even more furious is when people refuse to take down my image and that’s when I have to get a bit crabby. So to some of you out there who think I’m a ‘bitch’ or ‘rude’, I’m actually not, I’m just upset that you would take something of mine and refuse to take it down. The closest thing I can relate it too is someone walking into your house and taking something of yours that is special to you and refusing to give it back saying it was fair game and you left it out in the open.

Sorry for this rant but this NEEDS to be said. It is NOT okay to take peoples pictures, it’s ILLEGAL. This is how I pay for my horse and how I can afford to have him.

Now no hate, this is how I feel and how plenty of photographers on here as well feel including Hannah, Sam, and many others that I’ve talked to about this subject of course I cannot remember their names when I need them lol.

Feel free to reblog and include your opinion on this topic and how you feel about it. 

Equus-Photography Followers Giveaway!

HannahEquusPhotography’s First Ever Giveaway!

Hello lovelies! I have decided to host a giveaway to thank all my incredible followers; my first week on tumblr and the support my photo’s have received is incredible! So, in honour of that, when i reach my next followers goal i will be giving away a custom leather horse bracelet!

Bracelet Detail Options:

  • Padded or Not Padded.
  • Silver or Brass Plate
  • Personalized Font
  • One or two lines of text (note: two lines only available in roman font)
  • Padded or Not Padded both available in Havana or Black leather
  • Padding on the padded bracelet comes in the following colour options: Black/Black, Black/White, Black/Red, Black/Turquoise, Havana/Brown, Havana/Blue, Havana/Burgundy, Havana/Hunter, Havana Pumpkin


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog to be entered in the draw (likes will not count), reblog as many times as you like! The more you reblog, the greater your odds are of winning.
  • no giveaway blogs

The winner will be chosen at random through a draw when i reach my next followers goal and will be contacted asap. If i cannot get ahold of that person, they will forfeit the prize and the winner will be re-drawn.

Good Luck!