Hello Fans of the Hillywood Show ;) Soon It’ll be Hannah’s birthday (on the First of April)! 

hannahdaily.tumblr.com made a good Hannah’s birthday project where all fans may congratulate Hannah with her birthday ;) Please, Let help hannahdaily with it :) And Let’s make Hannah be happier on her birthday, Let’s show to Hannah how we love her! 
All information here:  


Thank you for wasting your time and reading this message :)


I am over the moon to announce that HannahDaily has hit over 3,000 followers!

I absolutely adore running this account and supporting the Hillywood girls! And hope to share more news, gifs and all round fangirling-ness in the future.

Thank you, everyone, so much for continuing to support this account and The Hillywood Show ( I know they’re thankful too).

Lots of love,


(Don’t forget that I take gif requests and don’t be afraid to pop me a message to fangirl together.)