So, let's talk about yarn tails!

This is the tail I just finished. Y'all expressed some interest in how it was made so here goes…

 The first tutorial I came across was this one. It’s really really long but it has lots of interesting info if this is the method you want to use. 

My TLDR Crochet pattern: 

  • Done in the round, don’t forget your stitch marker!
  • -Magic ring: sc 6, 
  • -dc 2, inc, dc 2, inc (8)
  • -dc 2, inc, dc 2, inc, dc 2 (10) 
  • I stopped increasing here but the next would be:
  • -dc 3, inc, dc 3, inc (12) (You can add more stitches than this but the wider it is the more likely you are going to have to stuff it to make sure keep its shape.)
  • Continue dc until you reach your desired length. Mine is about 15in. (It’s almost 20in after adding fur!)
  • Finish off. This can vary depending on how you want to attach your tail. For me, I decreased back to 6 stitches and stuck a clip in it. But you could also crochet a button loop or even make a belt.

If crochet isn’t your thing you can also make a base from:

For my fur I used about 6in pieces for the top coat and 5in for the undercoat. I looped slip-knotted 6 pieces of yarn (three 6in and three 5in) around each post. (I would add more my next go around though.) I separated the pieces after looping knotting them which helps cut down on how much is lost while brushing.

I liked doing one row at a time so that I could knot-separate-brush-straighten and not overwork my hand. Here is a good tutorial on just brushing out yarn.

Other notes:

Alrighty folks! I hope this helps. I’ll try to answer any questions I can.

As the years go by time will not wait; living from day to day working from dawn to dusk coming home smelling of a welders musk. The dirt a grease the grit and grim makes me wonder what I did to deserve this life. Tired and aching bruises my apparent reword for this day of work but what do I see when I come home waiting for me my lovely wife to be waiting for me,suddenly it all becomes clear to me I live this life for her you see. Her love; her smile;her touch my pain relief. All I need is the feeling of her skin against mine then I know that this life I live will be just fine


Whelp, I started this thing almost 2 years ago. My baby sis found it when she was digging around in my junk and insisted that we finish it. I used the crochet base method since I’m not a super big fan of hand sewing. You can see where I went back and added more to the under layer because it needed more floof.

Future notes should I ever be crazy enough to attempt again: More yarn. Much more yarn. More color variety. Possibly wear a mask to keep stray fuzzies out of my mouth.


Ha! Finally done! 

Bison hats for my sister and her friend who are attending college together. Finished just in time for their graduation yesterday. I’m so happy for them both!

(Not pictured: Two dorks wearing said hats who told me I wasn’t allowed to share pics of them wearing them lol.)

  • Me:*e-mails grandmother a granny square layout I thought she could use as a sewing pattern*
  • Grandma:*replies back in heading of new e-mail* "Need help with the pattern, looks like it would work. You need to come down and help me down load the complete pattern. I was able to view it. Also I have lost my facebook, Help. Gma"
  • Me:...