No.54 :: for Matt

-36" Old School Cruiser.

-“Wave” art style, dark green color.

Another great idea from one of my riders…Custom finger-holes for carrying your longboard!  Brilliant!

Happy New Year!

The 2013, end of year photo collage for Hannah B. Boards.

Take a look back at the year-in-boards ;)

Hey hey, I’ve got the new 2014 Board Lineup!

There are three new boards added to the lineup.  And the all time favorites (like the Catfish and El Jefe) are still here ready to roll!

Here are the new kids:

- Chunk for you park skaters.

- Lurch for you freeride lovers.

-The Landlord for the ultimate cruising.

hbBoards stack in the back of a bronco ii.

Kodak Portra 400VC. Cross processed.

This post wraps up my backlog of older photos that I have been wanting to post. My most recent photographs will start to be processed and posted, including my new adventures with #120 #mediumformat film.


No. 42 :: for Abby

34" L x 9" W x 21.75" Wheelbase

This is what I consider a hybrid hannahb.Board.  It was made by combining two templates from the lineup.  A combo of “Pufferfish” tail and “the Pickle” nose.  Also, a new color! Pearlized, candy-apple-green…it is very pretty in person…lucky for me, my customers have great taste.  

Thanks Abby!