a brand new half marathon PR (!!!!)
felt iffy the first 5 and sort of dismissed the idea of PR-ing, but hit mile 6 and just flew. realized I could PR at mile ten and just put the hammer down-mile 13 was hard af but I did it!! course a little long too :) happy happy Hannah! breaking 1:40 has always been a goal of mine so I’m feeling good. (and as a side note, I won my age group!!)


a year ago this day I broke my femur in half, so today I ran 16 miles-because I can, and that’s a wonderful thing. I ran faster than I thought would be even possible for me on 10 miles. over half my miles were sub 8- and that was the second half of the run. I can’t even believe it. God blessed me with an unreal day.

things I can do to be more happy

I saw a list like this, and I’m going to make one. because I want to be happier and healthier.

  • smile more
  • do my homework on time
  • get ahead
  • go on long runs
  • eat lots of fruit. because fruit is good.
  • go to bed early.
  • wake up earlier. watch the sun rise.
  • be more productive.
  • workout.
  • be happy with my own body
  • buy cute clothes and dress nice
  • drink lots of water 
  • journal.
  • write down all my thoughts.
  • read good books
  • listen more and talk less
  • stop stressing about unnecessary things
  • laugh a lot
  • do things because you enjoy them, not because you feel like you have to 
  • be kinder live in the moment.
  • stop being nostalgic for what was 
  • do yoga 
  • breathe deeply 
  • do more devotionals and spend more time with God 
  • wear my hair natural 
  • stop worrying about what others think 
  • be present. be alive. be in love with every aspect of my life 
  • take chances and don’t be lazy 
  • eat whole, organic, natural food. be good to my body. eat stuff fresh from the earth
  • listen to good music. the music you like. don’t listen to music just because other people like it. 
  • be free and open to change
  • embrace what i’ve got
  • truly learn while in school. be interested.
  • be positive in every aspect of life
  • love myself and love what i see in the mirror.

so I’m gonna tell ya’ll a little story.
This here is me hugging one of the most inspirational people in my life. She’s a senior and this was after she pr-ed in the 800 by two seconds. But you wouldn’t believe how much crap she has fought through. Multiple stress fractures caused her to miss the beginning of both her junior and senior years of cross country. For track, she never got to finish her sophomore and junior years because of injuries, and I just have vivid memories of her crying at sections both years because she couldn’t compete. She didn’t get to run at state her senior year of cross country because she came into the season so late. She also found out she had celiac’s disease and had to stop eating gluten. But she never ever stopped fighting, and worked so so hard. She could of easily given up and accepted that she would never be as fast as she was, but she didn’t. She never let the injuries and battles get to her and it’s finally paying off. She gets to run in 2 events in sections this week and has a good chance of getting to run at state. I’m so glad everything is coming together for her at the right time, because she deserves this more than anyone. Her determination inspires the whole team so much. She has inspired me to keep fighting no matter what and I’m going to miss her more than anything next year.

Today I had the most unbelievable runner’s high-I set out to do 6 miles, ended up feeling really good and just kept going. I ended my ten miler with a 6:58 mile-ending a long run in a sub7 mile has always just been a dream to me. today it happened!!!!! feelin soooo good.

because when you finally, finally PR for the first time in two years, it’s oh so nice, and coach is proud. I spent two years going through highs and lows just chasing this time and here we are. a long time coming, and it feels wonderful.

Today I wrote up my plan for 2015, and I’ve decided to share it, because I’m tired of hiding my goals because I’m scared people will find them unrealistic. I’m tired of making up low goals that satisfy others expectations of me. I know God has big plans for me, and I myself have big goals for me. I’m going to come back from this injury with fire in my soul and I’m going to run fearlessly and free radiating happiness. I’m going to achieve everything I’ve dreamed of and more. I’m going to make myself the runner I’ve dreamed of and I don’t care if it seems crazy. Watch me. I’m confident and I’m ready.

Here's a little something that I've learned.

For the longest time, I honestly took running for granted. I took for granted that I was good, and I took for granted that I never got injured and kept getting better.
Around me, I notice girls on my team peaking and getting progressively slower over the years. Girls repeatedly getting stress fractures and missing season after season. Injuries happening around me, and yes, I was thankful I could run. I was thankful I kept getting better. But I didn’t honestly realize how lucky I was.
There were days when the last thing I wanted to do was run. There were days where I hated every second of a workout or a meet. And I know this happens for everyone, but what I never realized is that there are girls out there who would of killed to be able to do what I was doing.
When I broke my leg, it honestly took me awhile to realize that I literally couldn’t run. My cross country season was over before it started. And now I’m on the other side, the injured girl watching everyone. And oh my, it kills me to see people slacking, or faking injuries not to run, or not trying their hardest, or dreading workouts or meets.
Heres what I’ve got to say.
You honestly never know when you won’t be able to run. I never expected this. I was invincible, too good to be touched, everything was too good to be true for me. I didn’t think I would ever get injured. News flash, it can happen to anyone.
So please, do not take for granted any opportunity you have to run. I know the one thing that’s gonna be pushing me out of bed at unearthly hours when I finally can run again is that the girl I was 6 months ago would of killed to be able to do this.
There are people who would kill to be able to do what you are blessed to be able to do right now. RIGHT. NOW.
Run. Run with joy, because you CAN. You can run. And isn’t that a beautiful thing? So put your whole heart and soul into it. The pain you experience is nothing compared to the pain you feel when you can’t run. I would absolutely kill to be able to push myself to my absolute limit and feel my legs burning. And that is exactly what I plan to do when I can run again.
You are blessed to be able to run. And sometimes, it takes having that privilege taken away from you to make you realize that.
Never again will I take a run for granted, and never again will I not run with the utmost amount of joy in my step.

Run for the girl that can’t.
Run because you can.
Run with joy.

do you ever just feel so good about something, like just so peaceful because you just know it’s gonna be so good. that’s how I feel about tomorrow.
I’ve got what could quite possibly be my last race ever tomorrow, and I’m not even nervous, cause I just know. I know I’m gonna fly across that course like I’ve always dreamed of. I just know. it’s a peaceful sort of confidence. it’s like, I WANT to shred my legs. I want to lose my breath and feel my stomach tie up in knots and my legs turn into bricks and I want it. I want to embrace the feeling I’ll miss and I want to walk off that course with absolutely no regrets. and I will. I just know it. call me crazy overconfident, but I’ve got a good good feeling and I’ve got trust in God and I’ve got a heart just dying to run her last course the way it should be run.

the end always seemed so far away, and now it’s here. I don’t entirely know what to do about it, except to run my little soul out tomorrow and leave the rest up to God. here’s to hoping I get to run on the course that has alluded me all these years (state.) time to make the thousands and thousands of miles out in over the past 5 years worth it. here’s to the 8th grade girl that hated running with all her soul, the 9th grade girl who didn’t even brush what she was capable of, and yet what she could do astounded her, here’s to the 10th grade girl who was crushed with the unfair results and ran balls to the wall anyway, every single time. here’s to the 11th grade girl who wanted nothing more than to run her heart out. tomorrow’s for all the work I’ve put in, and the girl I’ve become because of this wonderful sport.

I’ve got a good feeling. it’s time to go