So here is Hannah Ray who is absolutely killing it lately.  I mean, she tends to in general but this week there are a few pictures that I thought were just fantastic.   My good pal @she-goes-to-eleven is a fan of talking about how sexy Hannah Ray is and… yeah, you can definitely see that sometimes.  I have felt it this week. More so though, I am often impressed with her sense of style because there is just something about her personal sense of style that is always perfect.  And by perfect I don’t mean she has chosen the single greatest set of clothing in the history of man and it would look great on anyone but rather it is perfect for her.  Which is really the whole point of personal style.  It can be hard to mark out your own.  I have nailed the isolated loner aesthetic and fingers crossed in 10 years local kids will refer to my house as the one where the witch lives and everyone will spread vicious rumors about me. I’ll get up and pull my bathrobe a little tighter and shake my cane at them through the window and they’ll run away squealing in terror.  That’s my personal style that I have cultivated.  Hers is better and I am not sure how to describe it other than it always looks perfect.  I have a friend who has gotten a little closer by saying that Hannah Ray can wear stuff she would never in a million years look at twice on a shelf but it looks so perfect on Hannah that my friend immediately wishes she had it.  Despite knowing it wouldn’t work for her.  So you know, it’s impressive.  I assume it comes from being an artist, since she is a skilled photographer as well.  There is something to an artists eye that I envy.  I know what looks good but I can’t ever seem to create it.  I know when something doesn’t work but I have no idea how to make it work.  So I am always a little envious of people with this talent.  Anyway, she has looked very good lately and I am always a bit in awe of her whole feel, so today I want to fuck Hannah Ray.

Mr. Barnes

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Summary: Unsure of how you think the rest of the team will react you and Bucky try to hide your new relationship, but everyone is still highly suspicious. 

Pairing: Bucky x fem reader

Warnings: Swearing, and cute Bucky fluff and the start to smut

Word Count: 1713

A/N: So, I finally decided where I wanted the climax point to be but I don’t know if it’s dumb or not sooo, we’ll see. Also sorry for the super long delay. It’s the last week of school for me this week and I’m hella busy. Side note, I finally take my road test on Friday so it’s lit. I hope you like this chapter. And as always requests are open. -Hannah xo

You felt the rays of light fall over your eyelids as you woke up from your oddly satisfying sleep. As your eyes fluttered open you realized you weren’t in your room as Bucky was laying inches from your face. His arm was draped over your hip with his hand resting around the small of your back. 

He looked so gentle when he slept and it was only a matter of minutes before he opened his eyes. He groaned and pulled you closer to him putting his head into the crook of your neck. “Today, I’m taking everything off. And you’re my assistant. So you can’t say no.” 

You chucked as he cuddled closer to you. Most girls would expect to have to do the walk of shame after a party on a Friday night, but here you were. Laying with the man who you fell for barely a day after you met. 

The two of you just laid there with sleepy eyes before you spoke up. “Hey Bucky.” he grumbled a yes into your neck. “What are we gonna do about the rest of the team?” He pulled back from your neck “Shit, they exist too, don’t they.” He bit his lip while he thought about a possible solution. 

“I mean, we could just hide it, or attempt to. Just so you don’t lose your job. Ya know?” He laid his head back on your shoulder when there was a knock at the door. Both of you looked at each other in panic before jumping out of his bed. 

“Go in the bathroom, shower if you want. I’ll tell whoever it is I don’t feel well after the party and I still need to shower.” you nodded as he pushed you into the bathroom that was almost double the size of the one in your home. ‘Who needs a bathroom this big?’ was all you could think about.

He came to the door running his hand through his hair attempting to make it look some what neat before opening the door. Steve stood in front of the door “Hey, Buck, is everything okay? You missed training and a meeting.” He said while trying to look behind Bucky and into his room.  Bucky noticed and knew Steve would know if something was up when he saw the multiple new pillows and blankets on the bed. He stepped in the way of his view every time he tried to look behind Bucky.

“Yeah, all is well. Just kinda feeling gross after the party last night. And my bad, I forgot to tell Y/N to let you guys know. My fault. I won’t let it happen again.”

“Speaking of Y/N, where is she. I haven’t seen her today and just by the past couple days she’s really on time.”  He quickly shut the door on Steve leaving him in a dumbfounded trance. 

From the outside of the door Steve just stood there. He immediately knew something was going on. Bucky’s a super solider He doesn’t feel ‘gross’ after a night out where he wasn’t present 75% of the time. Steve made his way back to the living area before giving the people occupying it the answer to why Bucky was MIA. “I don’t know what’s going on. He seems like he’s hiding something and he can drink plenty and not feel gross the next morning.” Steve said still trying to figure out why he was hiding something. “Ya know…I saw him with Y/N last night and after she left to find him she didn’t come back.” Natasha said before taking a drink of coffee. 

“There’s no way she went back with him when she had the chance to be with all this.” Sam said as he motioned to himself making various people in the room laugh. They all weighed in their own theories on why Bucky was missing except for Wanda who was sitting off to the side hoping no one realized exactly that. Steve turned and looked at her. “Wanda, what do you think?” She looked back at Steve with wide eyes. “W-well. I think he just feels ill. Everyone can feel ill even if they aren’t.” 

She shrugged hoping they wouldn’t ask anymore especially because even though she knew it was wrong read your mind last night after realiizing there was one more person in the tower then she was used to. Steve shrugged and went back to regular conversation as a weight dropped off her shoulders. 

Bucky made his way back into the room after slamming the door in Steve’s face, and gently knocked on the bathroom door. “Y/N, he’s gone.” You made your way to the door and opened it just enough to poke your head out. “Who was it?” 

He sighed. “It was Steve. I totally did forgot to have you call and explain that I was ‘ill’ for the day, even though you know the truth it’ll get him off my ass.” The both of you chuckle. There was a brief moment of silence before either of you spoke again.  “Well, I’m gonna shower off quick. I’ll be out soon.” you smiled as you started closing the cracked door. “Wait, Y/N. After you get in can I come in here and clean myself up. I’ll shower later.”

“Sure. Just give me a minute. I’ll let you know when I’m in the shower.” You closed the door and made your way over to the shower. Leaving your towel on a hanger next to the shower. “Buck, I’m in the shower.”

His heart felt like it was swelling when you called him that. There were only a select number of people who called him that and just after knowing you for 3 days you’ve already won all of his heart. He made his way into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. As he got cleaned up standing in front of the sink and mirror, he could see the outline of your body in the mirror leading him to think what you looked like without the fogged glass shielding you. 

He heard the water turn off and shuffled his way out of the bathroom. Closing the door as you got out. He walked over to his dresser pulling an old shirt for you that was a bit to small for him. You walked out of the bathroom with a bra, black skinny jeans, and your hair up in a towel. “Hey, can I borro-” before you could finish your sentence he threw a shirt at you. It was a light grey v neck that was oddly super soft. “Thanks.” You smiled before throwing it over your head. 

Bucky walked over to you before placing his hands around your hips. “How the hell do you look better in my shirts than I do?” You giggled and blushed as he placed a soft kiss on the top of your head. 

He looks at you as you walk over to the mirror and comb your hair. “Y/N?” you looked at him in the mirror. “Hmm?” you hummed in response. “You’re the first person I’ve fallen for in a really long time.” You cocked your head kinda confused. “Wait so you mean like since World War II or like since you’ve been back?” He laughed and pretended to be taken back by your comment. “Wow, I’m not even 100 yet, I can still get the ladies.” You leaned back on the stool and laughed.

 “If you really want to know then yeah, since I woke back up I’ve never honestly fallen for anyone. Like yeah, a couple one nighters, and a couple dates but nothing like this. Nothing like you.” You blushed as he said that. Smiling at him in the mirror. He put his hands around your hips and places his head on your shoulder. He started placing kisses up and down your neck. You turn around and put your hands on his shoulders. He kisses you and pulls you closer to him. 

You felt his lips move perfectly against yours and before you know it you were pressed against the wall. You let out a soft moan as he started kissing your neck again. You tangled your hands in his hair and he pulled away and looked into your eyes. The look he had in his eyes was dark and full of lust. He leans into your ear and whispers, while brushing up against it. “Jump.” His voice sent shivers down your spine as you did what he said. Wrapping your legs around his hips. His hands ran down your body as the kiss resumed. 

He moved you away from the wall keeping his hand on the small of your back never losing contact until he dropped you onto the bed. You sat up on your elbows eyeing him and the evident bulge in his pants. “My eyes are up here.” He said with a sassy tone making the both of you giggle before leaning back over you grabbing your hands and placing them off to your sides. “Fuck, Y/N, you don’t even know what you do to me.” He groaned before going back in for a kiss. 

His hands slid below the hem of the shirt of his that you had on and pulled it off your body struggling a little bit. Making the both of you laugh as it got caught around your head. You were left in your bra and jeans that were very unbuttoned. His metal hand trailed down your back for the first time in a while and left goose bumps over your body. He made his way up to the clasp of your bra gently undoing it before slipping it off your am. 

You both were enjoying your time. It wasn’t rushed and fast paced but just slow enough so both of you could really enjoy being around each other. “Buck, please. Touch me.” you begged wanting to feel any sort of his touch. “Oh fuck, Y/N, I can’t wait till I can fu-.” He was interrupted by the door swinging open as you tried to grab something to cover yourself. Natasha was standing in the door with a panicked look on her face. 

“Bucky. We need to go.” 

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