I wrote this song about an 11 year old girl who wanted to become a rock star. But she also wanted a normal life so she pretended to be somebody else. That was great for a little while but…She’s 17 now and…life is even more complicated. And she doesn’t wanna pretend anymore. Her name is Miley Stewart.

Disney Conspiracy

Ok I was watching Hannah Montana reruns with my best friend when we realized something. In the series Miley’s mom is explained to have died in a plane crash. However as Miley grows up Robby Ray shows Miley videos her mom left her for when she was dealing with girl problems in life. For example, when she was torn between Jesse and Jake, there was a video message telling her to listen to her heart. If her mom died in a plane crash unexpectedly then how did she preplan that those videos would need to be created since she would still be living to help Miley through those things. Disney I need an explanation!!!