Clay Jensen, everybody 👏🏼
  • Clay: So, uhm, look, I'm not really sure how this is done, uh, I don't wanna be too formal, although it is the winter formal, I don't know if people actually ask people this, like, in the world, but, uhm, I was just saying... I wonder if you wanna dance?
  • Hannah: *decodes Clays babbling after ages* I would love to dance.
  • Clay: Awesome, ok, cool *throws jacket away* *starts madly jumping around*

The gif of Magnus and Dot reminded me of this one old headcanon. It’s old if it’s just been a few months, right?

Anyway, in my headcanon, Raphael and Catarina have a queer platonic relationship that started around the time Magnus took Raphael under his wing. Don’t ask me specifics, it just kinda happened. But anyway, Raphael and Catarina’s Thing™ is dancing. Ballroom specifically and other “traditional” styles. Catarina has Portaled them all over the globe to learn the styles from their countries of origin. Basically they make one hell of a pair.