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it’s not christmas anymore - bill botting & the two drink minimums

i love when several of my very favorite artists get together and make great music. it’s an excellent song and post holiday observation. i often feel this way after the holidays, which we don’t really celebrate in a big way but still…there’s the build-up and then it’s just done and time to move on to the next big things.

bill says it nicely here: 

“Shortly after Christmas 2014 I was walking home from the kids park in Alexandra Palace and my daughter Matilda was sat on my shoulders counting every door with a wreath on it between the park and our house. I started thinking about how the lead up to Christmas is so protracted and intense now and then once it’s done and the day has passed you’re left with a kind of hangover. That Christmas had been a hard one for me although I didn’t realise it at the time and in that weird post Christmas blur when people are just stretching out for NYE and beyond and making resolutions and throwing their dead trees out on the curb I enjoyed feeling the pressure ease off.”

addendum: often songs will get other songs in my head. actually that happens almost always. so after i listened to this a few times, i went to take a shower and i couldn’t get the song “so far away” by dire straits out of my head.