“I love you, you know that right?” You nod your head slowly as Michael holds your forearm in his large hands, He slides your sleeve up as he revels your scars. “I don’t understand how a girl as beautiful as you could be hurting this much.” Michael whispers as he runs his hand over one of the newest scars. You flinch as he looks up at you. “I’m sorry.” He says as you sigh. “No, it’s okay it’s just a new one.” Michael’s mouth forms to an ‘o’ shape. “Please stop hurting yourself, y/n.” You nod slowly. “I’ll try..”

au meme: requested - you self harm and Michael finds out.


Au Meme: You and Louis Break Up

“We can’t be together anymore (y/n).. I’m sorry.

“But..You promised me..”

“Look at the lovely couple! How are you two?”

“Erm… Fine." 

"How’s (y/n), Louis?" 


“You just made him cry!”

“So are you and (y/n), still together?”

“No, no I’m single..”