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@inaccurate-fable-quotes I imagined this as Hammer at the end of her patience and Reaver being a little shit


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Who knew that’s my first art posted on the internet would be my gay sons? Definitely not me, but what are ya gonna do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I doubt anyone would post this somewhere else but if you do, please give credit!

Meant To Be Yours

Hey hi I’m here with a drabble I wrote back in November for a friend’s OC (Dove) and Dabi from BNHA. Obviously based on the song(s) Yo, Girl and Meant To Be Yours from Heathers. I’m pretty proud of this, honestly. So, Enjoy!
Characters: Dabi, Dove (OC)
Warnings: Fake suicide.

“Guess who’s right down the block?” Chest heaving, Dove fled into the dormitory, eyes wide and panicked as she darted into the bathroom connected to her dorm, door slamming behind her. The sounds of her friends- of Bakugou, yelling after her in confused anger, demanding to know where she’d been, why she’d been away for so long. Why she’d left. “Guess who’s climbing the stairs?” There wasn’t anywhere to hide- where the fuck could she hide? Toga had been here, masquerading as her own damn sister. The fact that Dabi had gotten Toga Himiko of all people, knowing her obsession with Izuku, and putting the entire campus in danger…

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