hannah's dull existence


so we went to barafundle bay and emoted everywhere because third star. we also wrote ridiculous things in the sand like ‘let me die’ and 'bendydick was here’ (that was my dad lol)

also there were fucking birds flying around exactly like the scene where benny is in the sea and we had to clutch each other because good god our emotions

oh and we also saw the tea rooms where they filmed this scene and i just sort of stood there outside the gate a little dumbstruck. third star is one of my all time favourite films - not just because of benedict because honestly that annoys me - but because it’s beautifully written and shot and jj and adam and tom are brilliant too. it was so weird and wonderful. 

i’m really bad at explaining things so this post doesn’t do it justice but it was honestly amazing

i had a dream last night that i was working at my old primary school and i was looking after the kids in the playground

these little kids had made each other cry and i had to sort it out and one looked exactly like benedict and the other looked like tom hiddleston and the little benedict-child was crying over something mean hiddles-child had said

and i was actually calling them cumberchild and little hiddles to their face for some reason idek

i eventually got them to apologise to each other and then this other kid runs past and he looks like spock so i say to him have ‘you ever seen star trek?’ but he just runs off so i turn around and say to a teacher 'oh man he looks exactly like spock oh man that’s weird’