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So I just found the most amazing CIA!Dirk Gently aesthetic post that @marizetta made based on a couple of my drabbles and I’m trying to stop myself from shrieking in the office.

Felt like it needed both a formal apology for missing it when it was first posted, and an explicit shout-out because honestly it’s the highlight of my week so far (I’m such a sucker for CIA!Dirk content).

you know what i just realised?
Calhoun from Wreck it Ralph

Looks a lot like Hannah Hart as Dyna Girl

The resemblance is quite 


and then i remembered THIS

anonymous asked:

Wow Hannah, way to go! Z*chary Levi is 😍. But lmao at GG, if he truly acted this way because of her...YIKES

YIKES indeed lmaoo