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Zach x Reader: Before You Leave (One Shot)

(A//N: This is by far one of my least favorite work but I’ve gone so far already so I decided to post it anyway just to get it out of my drafts. SO I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS TRASH I CAME UP WITH AND BETTER CONTENT WILL ARRIVE SOON)

Plot: The one where you learned love and grudge doesn’t mix well.

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“You used me?”

Zach could’ve sworn his heart broke in half when he remembered the pain in your face and how you’re voice broke when you heard him bragging to his friends how he would soon drop you once Hannah decided to ‘wake up’ and get jealous and finally go out with him. How you were so replaceable, how you didn’t matter.

It was a party and he was a drunk and insecure little boy that wanted to fit in with the rest of his sex-crazed friends. He knew it was wrong, and his excuse are literally nothing. He wanted to punch himself the moment those words came out of his mouth but it was too late. You already heard it.

You heard all of it.

And Zach would’ve sold the whole world if it meant he could take back everything he said.

“Big Z!” He put up his facade and cheered with the rest of his friends, eyes discretely running around the cafeteria to check for you, out of instinct, but his heart give out when he found you sitting with Jessica on a table, not even sparing him a glance. He saw Jessica rub your arms up and down and whispering something in your ear.

“Hey Zach,” before he could prepare himself, too focused on what Jessica was saying, Therese (a cheerleader he once had a complicated thing with) already had her arms wrapped around his neck. Not wanting her to lose balance and fall he placed his right arm around his waist. “,you up for Bryce’s party this Friday?”

“I – I don’t – I’ll try to see if I can.”

He had enough of Bryce’s party. Nothing good ever came out of it.

Therese was obviously trying to convince him based on her high-pitched voice but Zach’s eyes were already back to your table which was surprisingly void of you and consist of only a glaring Jessica. Zach panicked, pushing the girl off of him unnecessarily hard before getting his bag and running out of the cafeteria.

He saw you walking towards the main building and Zach nearly broke his legs from trying to catch up to you.

“(Y/N)! WAIT UP!”

You flinched when you heard his booming voice through your headphones but stopped walking regardless. He just had that effect on you.

“I …” Zach noticed how the walls he had worked so hard to break down were now standing tall and proud in your dry and sunken eyes, mocking him. Reminding him how much he fucked up. “, I never apologized. What I said in that party was … not right. I was being an ass, I’m sorry.”

He kept staring at the top of your head since that was all he was blessed with considering you’re barely giving him a glance. Nothing made him hate himself more when you looked up and gave him the fakest smile you could muster. 

You barely whispered.

Zach was flabbergasted by your reply. “Okay?”

You bit your lip and for a brief moment Zach could clearly see the damage he has done that was reflected in your eyes. “I don’t know what to say.” You looked down again and Zach felt his nerves shot up to the sky.

“Tell me I can fix this.” He tried moving closer but you just stepped back, not wanting him too close in your personal space.

“You want to fix it?” you said, almost angry, mostly confused. Zach was prepared to beg on his knees right there.

“I don’t … you hurt me, Zach.”
“I know.”

“Do you?” you looked up to him with watery eyes, lips trembling making Zach want to hug you back together. “, because let me tell you, Dempsey … you have no fucking idea.”

“(Y/N), plea –“

“It was so hard, Zach.” There it was again, your broken voice. The voice that you unconsciously used when you were trying hard not to cry. “It was so hard to be the one for you, to be enough for you. I learned to cook cause you said you hated cafeteria meals, I fixed my grades to appease your mom, I lied to my parents and sneaked out so I could spend more time with you and I ignored every single red flag that came because I …”

Zach held his breathe. If you would say what he thinks you’re about to say then Zach lost more than what he thought. He had lost so much already.

“I loved you, Zach.” You sniffed, smiling up at him sadly.

Zach has never wanted to beat his sorry ass so much before.

“I loved you, Zach … so much. I thought …” you laughed, covering your face with your hands but Zach couldn’t do anything. He was a statue stuck staring, just now noticing, the little gashes and red marks and band aids in your dainty fingers. “You win, Zach. I loved you. Go ask your friends if you get a bonus $50 for that. Or am I just worth a 25?”

“What – no! (Y/N), listen –“
“I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough. I’m sorry I wasn’t Hannah.”
“(Y/N) –“

“YO, Z!” you flinched again when you heard Justin from the hallway, looking confused seeing his best friend with one of his hook-ups.

“You should go.” You pushed Zach away, catching him off guard and making him stumble. Before he could protest you were already disappearing off a curve and wiping off the tears that slipped. Zach couldn’t help but punch the wall nearest to him which resulted to a broken wall and a bloody hand.

You loved him, and he was a fucking idiot.

He wanted to tell you he loved you too and that he didn’t mean shit that he said. He wanted to beg for you to come back until his knees broke. He wanted to tell you that you were one of the only people that mattered to him in this God-forsaken world. He wanted to beg for you to love him again, just one more time because he can promise you he will give you the world on a silver platter.

“Man, are you okay?” Justin eyed the right hand that was just dripping with blood warily as Zach neared him.

“Fuck off, Justin.” He nearly plastered Justin on the wall when he barged past him, not wanting his best friend to receive all of his pent up anger right now but he was making it so hard with Justin following him.

“Whoa, calm down! I’m only trying to—“

“WHAT, JUSTIN?!” Zach lost it. He can actually hear himself snap, can feel his blood boiling. “HELP?! You’re trying to help!?“ It took everything in Zach not to punch Justin and break his jaw just to have anything to release the stress inside him. “I wouldn’t accept help from any of you even if it can cost me my life.”

“Look if this is about that chick then you knew what you put yourself into, man. It was just a joke and she took it too seriously. ”

Zach was aware the whole cafeteria could hear him and he couldn’t give a flying fuck right now. He’s lost enough trying to impress everybody and he was sick of it.

He just lost the girl who loved him for who he is in exchange for the world who barely bats an eye on him unless he was shooting three points on the court. He literally traded a diamond for mud.

He saw the rest of his team watching from the cafeteria door.“You know what, if you wanted to help so much,” he took off his wallet from his back pocket, cleared it with all of his money and threw it to the general direction of his team. “, you can have your money back with interest. Maybe we can all use that to stop being assholes that uses people for fun, yeah?!”

“Zach …”

“I’m done with all of you.” He shook his head, tightening his hold on his backpack in anger. If only he did this sooner, if he just loved you better sooner then he wouldn’t have to lose you.

But he did and he is gonna curse the whole world for it and nobody is gonna fucking stop him. Because he was done being a pushover, he is done begging for their approval, and he is done being who he is not for the world to love him.

He just wanted your love back.

He just wanted you back.

Zach immediately got out of his car when he saw you exit the school gates. He had the whole afternoon to think through on how he would get you back and he decided to do what he does best: be annoyingly persistent.

“(Y/N)!” your head nearly snapped when you heard that familiar voice. You heard what Zach did, everybody was talking about it for the rest of the day. It’s not every day their resident friendly giant snaps.

“Hey, Zach …” you swallowed. You always hated confrontations.

“Can we talk? Please?” he looked behind you and on cue you became aware of the whispers and eyes surrounding you. You nodded, also wanting privacy.

He took your bag, on instinct, and went out to take your hand but you flinched so he stepped back. He opened the door for you and you gave him a small thanks. He drove and drove and even if he took an unfamiliar road, the long way, you knew where you were going. To their family’s lake house.

The whole car ride was filled with tense silence that when you arrived,  you didn’t even wait for Zach to open the door for you and just went barging out and heading straight to the dead wood that laid flat on the ground, just in front of the lake.

Sunsets always made the lake so pretty.

“(Y/N).” You looked at your side and saw that Zach was already sitting beside you, although he preferred to sit on the ground, only leaning on the wood to support his back.

“You’re very brave.” You cut him off. “I’m proud of you.”
He scoffed. “Yeah, you shoudn’t be. I’m still an ass.”
You genuinely laughed but looked up at him anyway but he was just looking straight ahead. “We were never compatible anyway.” you mumbled.

“That’s bullshit and you know it.”

“I know.” You nodded, shaking your head to prevent yourself from crying. “But it hurts less if I tell myself that.”

Silence, once again, became the third wheel. Nobody knew what was the right thing to say because the two of you were not just walking on eggshells – no you were way past that, you were walking on knives and every step only made everything hurt more and more.

“Can you love me again?”
he whispered, this time looking straight at you.
“I don’t think I can un-love you, Zach.” You breathed deep and hard. “But that’s not enough.”

“We can make it enough.” He kneeled in front of you, feeling a small relief when you let him take both of your hands in his. You could almost cry at how perfect it fits. “I’ll change.”

“Zach –“

“I’ll quit basketball.” Your eyes widen with his sudden announcement. “I’ll never talk to any of them ever again and I will be the best boyfriend you will ever have. I’ll even walk you every day to every single one of your class and just spend the weekend with you just … one more chance, (Y/N).” This time he was hiding his face by seemingly studying your fingers but the sniffles he tried to hide were clear as day.

“Just one more because … I can’t lose you – not like this. I promise I’ll do better this time. I’ll be better.”

You shook your head, still being stubborn, afraid of opening up from the regret you felt when you got hurt. “Hannah –“

“I don’t give a shit about Hannah, okay?!” He screamed, reaching his breaking point. He grabbed you, desperate for contact – desperate for anything. He is desperate for you to understand that it was a mistake, that everything in his life has been a mistake except you. He had shitty friends, a shitty family, and have been a shitty person for the majority of his life but it didn’t matter then because he had you.

And he can’t lose that – lose you. 

He won’t allow it.

“I love you.”

The hitch in your throat did not go unnoticed but it was still too early to celebrate, you were still not looking Zach in the eye – still not believing him.

“I know,” Zach sighed, hands gently taking yours. “It’s kinda hard to believe, especially after all of the shit you just heard me say but I swear to you if you … if you just give me a chance, I promise … I promise you won’t regret it.”

You really wanted to believe him, wanted nothing more than to forgive and forget about everything that just happened but you simply can’t. You could barely trust him before how much more now when he already shattered your illusion of love into a million pieces.

“You don’t have to forgive me –“

“I forgive you,”
you cut him off and you can feel his grip in your hand starting to tighten. “That’s actually … that’s actually the easiest part, Zach.” You chuckled humorlessly. “You could’ve murdered me and … and I would still forgive you but I …”

The sobbed escape before you could finish your sentence but you braved through it, not wanting to show any more of your broken state to Zach.

“Tell me, Zach,” you gripped the front of his shirt and buried your face in it in hopes of drowning your sobs. “How can I forget?! How can I forget what you did?! I can’t – I don’t know how and I – I –“

“Shhh,” Zach nearly carried you from how tight he held on to you but it was just what you needed: just what you needed to stop from falling apart. “I … I can’t answer that, baby. I’m sorry.”

You sobbed even harder, holding on more tighter. You were desperate, desperate to forget but you were only human. A human who can get hurt and can hold grudges.

“Don’t worry baby I’ll still be here.” He tried to calm you down and you were so surprised by his statement you actually shot up and looked at him. “It’ll take a long time and I don’t care. I’m … We’re in this together, okay? I’m not leaving. I’m winning you back.”

“Zach,” you sniffed, shaking your head. “I’m not sure I’m worth all that effort.”

This time it was Zach’s time to laugh, disbelief written all over his face as it got closer that you were pretty sure the breaths between you was one. 

“You’re the only one who’s worth anything to me now, baby.”
He whispered like a secret that the thought made you release a watery giggle causing him to smile.  “I’m not letting you go.”

Joe Sugg Imagine #2

You and Joe have been together for a while, he broke up with you for another girl. You’re broken. (happy end)
Word Count: 2.6k
Pairing: Joe x Reader

I still felt the pain, it was like an echo in my hollow heart. It’s been six months. Six months in which I told myself every morning, that it’d be okay to give me strength to get through the day. Six months in which I smiled and reassured me and my friends that I was alright. Six months in which I was laying in bed at the end of a long day, crying because it still hurt so bad. It hurt looking at him.
But after these six months I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. So I awoke at a Monday and told myself that no one would ever get this much power over me to hurt me like that ever again. And with that I cut the feelings away. I didn’t feel anything at all. Empty. No more tears, no more heartbreak, no more hope. Nothing.
I was finally feeling strong again. No one could get to me. No one could hurt me. I could finally sleep again. I could see him in the eye without feeling tears well up…
All was good.

„Y/N?“ I flinched at the sudden call of my name. It was him. Joe. I looked him in the eyes and lost myself in the blue. But instead of feeling my heartbeat speed up, or butterflies in my stomach or a painful stab in the heart I felt nothing. „What did you say?“ I asked him, because I didn’t pay attention. „I asked if you want to grab a coffee?“ He was nervous, I could see it in his eyes and in the way he stepped from one foot onto the other. He still felt bad. Even if we were something like friends again. But he didn’t have to be careful anymore. I was strong again. „Sure.“ I smiled and stood up to grab my wallet. It was still warm enough to not wear a jacket. The sun stood low on the sky, it must’ve been something between afternoon and evening. The elevator ride was quiet, but it was a comfortable silence.
As we walked out in the streets a cold breeze hit us and made us shiver. But it somehow woke me up and my steps became lighter. I felt a smile creep on my face and I held my face in the sun. I loved this time of day. Joe also squinted against the sun and was completely by himself. I didn’t want to interupt him. The wind was playing with his hair and at that I realized he wasn’t wearing a cap, like he always did the past weeks. „Where did your-?“ But he wouldn’t let me finish. „She won’t come anymore“, he quickly answered. She? „It… It’s over.“ And with that I realized that he was talking about her. HER. IT WAS OVER. „That… I’m sorry… even if I meant your cap and not Hannah“, I explained. Hannah. That was the name of my own personal hell. The was simply perfect. Perfect body, perfect blonde hair, perfect style, perfekt mind. The perfect face. I just had to think about her dimples to get jealous. Hannah. The perfect match for Joe. They would never fight, they harmonized perfectly. It seemed like it was the perfect relationship. Couple goals. It was even more shocking for me to hear about them breaking up. „Oh, I wasn’t in the mood for it“, he explained, ran his fingers through his hair and smiled that half smile, that did crazy things to my heart before I lost all my emotions. „For what? The relationship? But why? Hannah was perfect!“, I admitted and his smile formed into a full on grin now. „I mean the cap, Y/N.“ „Oh“, I blushed and watched my feet. Suddenly Joe stopped his steps, which startled me. I came to a halt too, confused about what was going on. „I’m really sorry, you know. I always wanted to tell you that. I’m sorry that I was such a dick. And I’m sorry about how it ended between us. I mean. I don’t understand why we even stayed friends. Why would you still be around such an asshole like me.“ „Joe.“ He was hard on himself. „You know we couldn’t just stop being friends. We have the same friends. And I’m your roommate. Wouldn’t be too practical to not talk to your roommate, huh? Besides, I don’t think your an asshole. Not anymore, anyways. I mean. It hurt being ditched because of someone else but Hannah was perfect. And I’m not.“ I saw tears in his eyes and without thinking about it I pulled him in for a hug. I forgave him. He apologized. We were okay. Everyting’s gonna be alright. I let him go and as we arrived at the café big smiles were on our faces.
It became a nice evening. We talked like before and it wasn’t awkward at all. I loved having him back. We made plans to go out on the weekend and lauhed about stories from our past. We stayed about 3 hours at the café, and as we went home we watched a movie together. It was the first night I felt content and comfortable in our shared apartment after our breakup. Because of the non-existent feelings I still felt empty, but I was glad that there were no hard feelings between me and Joe anymore.
We went straight back to being as close as we were before the drama. With everyday we hung out it became more obvious that we tried to make up fort he time „apart“. Even our friends seemed to be relieved, that everything was back to normal, Conor even asked if we were dating again, which I laughed off big time.
Joe sensed that something was different when we watched the notebook. „You didn’t cry one bit, did you?“ I just shrugged. „Nope. Didn’t get to me.“ „You still cried two hours after the movie ended the last time we watched it.“ „Well, people change, I guess.“ „I guess“, he answered giving me a confused look. „Joe, I just have a bit more control over my feelings nowadays.“ „But… I mean, you can’t just control the way something makes you feel.“ „Yeah you can, you just have to train yourself.“ „But why would you do that?“ „To not get hurt ever again“, I quietly answered and I saw the way his face fell. He knew I was talking about us. „Come here.“ He held his arms out for me. „Why?“ „You need a cuddle.“ „No.“ „A big cuddle.“ „No, Joe, I don’t.“ „Yeah you do. Come to me or I will get you.“ But I didn’t cave. So he threw himself at me to get me to cuddle him. After a playfight he won. Of course, he was stronger than me, physically. „See. That’s nice. You needed that, Y/N.“ „No, YOU needed that“, I fired back, but let him pull me closer and laid my head on his chest. „Hm… yeah. I needed that.“ And at that moment I felt something. A warm feeling increased in my heart, making me feel bubbly. No. I could not possibly be falling again for Joe. That was impossible. So I focused on my breathing and the feelig was gone. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. He was tearing my walls down and that couldn’t be happening.

„Y/N? Baby“ He knew I hated nicknames. „What’s up, Joezeeboe“, I answered using his mothers old nickname. „Would you help me? I’m cooking.“ „Nope.“ „Pretty please.“ „Alright, but only because it’s you.“ If he knew, how true that was. We were closer than ever. Almost every other night we would sleep in the same bed, just because we forgot to walk to our room, after a movie or long conversations. I joined him in the kitchen and sighed. „You sound like an elephant running down the stairs like that“, he laughed as he cut onions. „Shut your mouth, or the elephant runs up the stairs again.“ He just laughed louder. „I didn’t say you look like one“, he explained and threw the onions in the preheated pan. I just shook my head and grabbed a knife to help him. „Why are you always choosing the most difficult recipes?“ I asked him. „I love challenges.“ „Well, you do, but why do you involve me in that as well?“ „Because I can.“ I could hear the grin on his face.

As the meal was ready an das delicious as imagined, we filled our plates massivly and began to eat. „Thank you for helping“, Joe said with his mouth full and I couldn’t help but laugh about his face. He looked like a hamster. „You’re very welcome, if you do the dishes alone.“ „Y/N!“ I laughed again. „I’m kidding. But we made a mess and you know I hate cleaning up.“ „Yeah, me too. But after that we can watch a movie. Or Game of Thrones. You choose.“ He took a sip from his wine and looked at me with questioning eyes. The sparkle in them is unreal, I thought to myself as I let myself get lost in them. He truly had won my heart all over again and as much as I enjoyed every minute we spend together as much I hated myself for falling for that idiot for the second time. „I don’t care. I’m tired. You choose, I’m probably gonna be asleep in less than ten minutes.“ „Noooo, you can’t be tired! I had planned a wonderful evening“, he pouted. „You’re making this sound like it’s a date or something“, I laughed and meant it as a joke but when he didn’t join my laughter I became nervous. This couldn’t be a date. It just couldn’t. „Which it’s obviously not“, I pointed out. „No. Obviously.“ Phew. As much as I was disappointed as much I was relieved. Surely he wouldn’t make the mistake of dating me a second time. After everything edible has been eaten from the both of us, we quickly made the dishes. „The Maynards are coming over in twenty.“ He told me. „But I thought we wanted to watch something?“ „Yeah, well, they wanted to join us and as you said this isn’t a date.“ Did he sound pissed? Was he annoyed with me for speaking out the truth? Did he think this was a date? I was confused. „Alright, then. I haven’t seen them in ages.“ He just nodded. I knew something was off, but I just didn’t know what the matter was.

As the doorbell rang, signalling that the Maynards arrived everything was clean. Joe went to open the door and I sat down on the coach waiting for all 3 to join me. Conor was the first to greet me. „Y/N! I havent seen you since forever. How are you? You look amazing by the way,I love your hair today.“ He was always so sweet to me and I wished I would have fallen in love with him. „Thank you, Conor I missed you. I’m good.“ I hugged him quickly but friendly and turned to Jack who already held his arms out for me. „Well, well, little Lady. Look at yourself you‘re becoming more beautiful everyday.“ „Oh, shut up, Jack you’re making me blush.“ I laughed and let him pull me into a hug. As we all settled on the coach, me and Joe on the long end, with our feet up, Jack and Conor on the other side, laying in the cushions. We settled for a romantic comedy, as we all didn’t want to pay attention too much. And as I said earlier after ten minutes I was very sleepy and laid my head against Joe’s shoulder. I was at the edge of falling asleep when I heard Conor say: „So, you and her again?“ „No“, Joe whispered so I wouldn’t wake up. „Not after what I did to her.“ „Have you seen the way she looks at you?“, Jack chimed in. „She’s head over heals for you.“ „Well, you clearly didn’t pay attention at all. Today she told me that she doesn’t want a date with me. It’s over. We’re friends. It’s good like that.“ „Good is not perfect, Joe.“ „Maybe it isn’t. But maybe good is the best I can get for now.“ I feel anger building inside of me. How come he suddenly wants more than just friendship? Why did he leave me when he wants me? I coudn’t wrap my head around it. I didn’t want to wrap my head around it. I felt the urge to get out. Get out to clear my head. So I stood up and without a word I left. Silence. That’s what I need.

I wandered the streets in our neighbourhood for what felt like forever. But as I made my back to our apartment  I had calmed down. I knew Joe would ask me why the fuck I would do that. But I didn’t care. As I entered our apartment I heard Joe in the kitchen so I went to him. „Where are Jack and Conor?“ I asked as if nothing happened. „Gone. They went home like an hour ago.“ „Hm. How was the film?“ I tried to be calm and collected but I could feel that my hands began to shake. „Good. Nothing special. Y/N?“ „Hm?“ „Would you look at me,please?“ I didn’t realize that Joe had come closer. „Please.“ So I looked up, directly into his eyes. We stared at eachother in silence and my heart began to race. I couldn’t. My walls have been torn down. I was defeated. „Joe… I… I can’t.. it’s.“, I stammered and took a few steps back. „What is it? Why did you run away? Was it something I said, or…?“ „It’s just.. I.. You broke me and I promised myself to never feel again and then you apologized and we became friends again and I forgave you and I… You started to tear my walls down. I was convinced that I would never love again. And you of all people have to be the person I fall in love with. Again.“ I didn’t care that I started to cry. I finally had the courage to tell him the truth. Even if that meant to get my heart broken all over again. „You… sure?“ I just shrugged, then nodded and wiped my tears away. „I always… I always thought I wasn’t… doesn’t matter…“, he interrupted himself. It seemed like he was more upset than I was. „Joe… I’m sorry, I can’t control my feelings after all.“ „Well, neither can I. Nobody can. When I met Hannah she was all I ever dreamed of in a girl. But that wasn’t the reason I broke up with you. You know why I called it quits? Because it felt too right. You felt too right. And I coudn’t let myself trust someone like that. I never had loved someone like I loved you. I got scared. So I had to push you away. Hannah was perfect so I thought it would be easy to forget you when I’m with her. It wasn’t. I could’ve punched myself everytime I heard you cry. I was miserable and Hannah knew that. She wanted that you moved out. But I couldn’t let you go. So I broke up with her. I never thought you would forgive me after that. But you did. I don’t deserve you. Noone deserves you.“ He cried, too. After his rant we just stood there, looking at us crying. He loves you, I told myself again and again. He loves you. My tears ran out and I smiled at him. „I thought I was strong, not feeling anything. Fuck that. I’m strong, when we’re together.“ „You make me strong“, he sang to me as he embraced me and kissed me passionately.
Hey guys, I hoped you liked the second one.
This ones a bit dramatic. :D 
Kat .xx

Hartbig? Hangrid? - A Fanfic titled SDCC Confessions

Milestones are meant to be celebrated. So when I reach my 200th follower, I will post the ending of this story. Hopefully not too soon as I have yet to decide on one. 

SDCC Confessions

“Oh my God, that was such a rush.” Hannah said as she flopped down on the seat across from Grace.

“Yeah. Too many things happening all at the same time.”

“I wish it was longer.” Hannah mused as she stirred her drink.

“I’m glad it is over.” Grace countered as she closed her eyes. She didn’t see Hannah stare at her and shook her head. “I mean I like being part of Comic Con but I am so exhausted.” Grace added.

“Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. It’s over and we are on our way back to LA tomorrow.”

“Yes and now we just relax.” Grace said as she opened her eyes once more and looked at their surroundings. They were on the balcony of Hannah’s room overlooking the pool. They were just high enough to be able to ignore the sounds of people partying in the pool area below.

“Cheers to that.” Hannah said as she took a sip of her drink.

They sat in silence for a few minutes until Grace cleared her throat to get Hannah’s attention.

“So, how is it going with Ingrid?” Grace asked.

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Honest Eyes [Chapter Four]

SFW, 1.620 words.


Honest Eyes [Chapter Four]

Sarah doesn’t look particularly happy right now but neither is Hannah. The front door gets slammed closed and Hannah mumbles something beneath her breath before storming off to her own bedroom, where her bed sheets are crumpled and her clothes are strewn across the floor. Sarah follows, because it seems like the only thing she can do, and she leans against the door frame as Hannah grabs a hoodie and puts it on over her top.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m gonna go over and talk to her.”

Sarah snorts behind her, and it’s enough to stop Hannah from putting more clothes on. The brunette turns around, a scowl etched upon her face as she eyes the younger girl.

“What?” She barks.

“What are you going to say?” Sarah inquires, raising an eyebrow, “Why are you this worked up?”

“Because she’s gonna think we fucking slept together, isn’t she!” Hannah reasons, “Jesus Christ, Swike, you’d think you’d understand.”

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