hannah when will we stop

Jeff / Hannah / Y/N

“Wake yo ass up!” a familiar voice screamed in my ear. I awoke from my slumber and looked up to see Jeff, hovering above me with that grin on his face.

Jeff was one of those friends. Yes, THAT ONE. That one friend that you grew up with, that you shared baths with and attended every single birthday party of theirs because your parents we’re childhood friends too

“Fuck off” I moan as I begin to regain conscious.

“Language” Miss Holmes warns from the back of the class. Jeff gathers my books into my bag as I rub the sleep out of my eyes. I thank him and we walk out of the class room and down the hallway together.

“You look a little heated today- a little angry”

“Its blusher” I quickly say

“Sure” he sighs “Now are you gonna tell me the real reason why your in such a shitty mood today?”

I yawn “Me and Monty we’re fighting, if you must know”


“Again” I confirm

“Spill the tea”

“Jeff there’s nothing to spill” I pause “We’re over and that’s all you need to know”

A huge smile was plastered across his face “Thank fuck! That guys a dick”

“Your a dick” I say, playfully slapping him.

We stop as Jeffs locker when Hannah comes over and hugs us both.

“Best tits huh?” She says

“Best ass huh?” I say back

“Ladies. Honestly, thank you but-

“No. Jeff we’re not talking about you. It’s about some list” I say

“A hot or not list” Hannah adds, she turns to me “The guys at our school are dicks”

“I see it as a compliment” I shrug

“Are you serious?” Hannah asks “Their basically objectifying women”

“Okay but it’s not like we don’t do it to them. I remember, just the other day, you saying that Justin’s ass was as plump as a…

“Ew” Jeff says in disgust

“Yeah. Ok. But I didn’t write it down” Hannah says

“Yeah, cos girls are smart, duh” I say, rolling my eyes. We continue to walk down the hallway together.

“But still” Hannah continues “now feel like my ass is a walking target. Don’t you feel like guys are constantly staring at your…” she asks looking down at my beasts

I click my fingers “Hannah my eyes are up here” I tell her, making her and Jeff chuckle.

Jeff opened the door and let me and Hannah walk out before him. Hannah got distracted by her phone so I turned to Jeff.

“You wanna come over later? It looks like you could do with some cheering up?” He asks me

“What?” I laugh “And your the person to do that?”

“Yeah. We can shoot some hoops, watch a movie… I’ll even ask my mum to make her famous chilli prawns” he says, nudging me

“Mmm, those are pretty damn good” I say “Yeah, i come over”

“See you at 8” he says as he begins to walk away from Hannah and I

“Just as a friend!” I add

He turns to face me and walks backwards “When you gonna stop friend-zoning me?!” He yells

“When you get the message!” I shout back

He smiles and I smile too.

“Urgh!” Hannah moans so I turn to her

“What’s up?” I ask

“Nothing. It’s nothing- do you have plans later”

“..I’m hanging out with Jeff.”

“Oh” she says, hanging her head a little

“Why don’t you come too?” I offer

“Nah. I don’t wanna third wheel or anything”

“And what would you be third- wheeling?” I ask “Me and Jeff are just friends

Hannah shrugs “Fine”


So that was my first ever imagine / one shot. Let me know if you want this to be continued or if you have any request for me. I would love to write them xx