hannah wald

college freshman; eighteen.
alexandra shipp.
CLOSED FOR AUDITIONS. and, as hannah wald once said: “At church camp this summer, I’m pretty sure I had my first orgasm.”


Coming from a good Christian family in Texas, Halston keeps her values in her heart and a Bible in her hand. The Walts own a string of giant churches, the home base being in Houston — and with a gospel television program to boot. Things the family especially cares about are football, education and God. Halston was sent to Rosewood to get the best education the country had to offer.

She cheers for the Toros alongside her other best friends — mainly Carson. Known around school as the Bible-thumping virgin, she wouldn’t be all too popular if she wasn’t wealthy and friends with the likes of Dana. Very beautiful and very dedicated, she spends her summers either at cheer or Bible camp. Halston claims that Jesus is the only man who has her heart. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t holding out for someone else.


Halston did one last prayer before heading down to meet her best friends. They all thought she’d be the one to say no, claiming it went against her religion, but Halston just laughed and exclaimed that the bonds of sisterhood were to never be broken. With her Jesus necklace tucked into her black North Face jacket, she muttered her repentance repeatedly all the way until she got to the main entrance of the school. Carson smiled when she saw her and made a funny face. That’s what they did to calm each other down, and she needed it right now. 

“You okay?“ Carson asked, her jet black hair French braided past her shoulders. Halston took a quick breath and shook her body, relieving the stress.

“I’m good, I just want to get this over with, you know?” she whispered to her. While in the middle of their secret handshake, Alaska finished picking the lock. They sped it up and walked into the building. Halston looked around noticing the exit signs and letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. School was definitely creepier at night, when it was empty. After making it inside the office, Carson and Halston stood watch at the door.

As the other girls did their jobs, Halston let her mind wander to Carson. It was her darkest secret, and she never wanted anybody to know. She’d loved the girl since they first met freshmen year at tryouts. She’d dream about her milky white skin, curved body and cherry lips all the time. But loving her was a sin, so Halston didn’t transform her desires into actions. 

Taking pictures of the files and finally getting ready to leave, the squad heard a commotion. They all stopped in their tracks and turned towards the noise. Someone was in there with them. Luna walked over to check it out, and Halston started bargaining. She made a bunch of deals with God. If they made it out of this, she’d try one more time to turn Bender into a Christian, work extra hard on her backhand spring and tell the lunch lady how nice she was, even when she gave her the wrong food. As Luna bent down, Halston made a prayer gesture with her hands and looked towards the ceiling, making the biggest deal yet, if they got away with this, she’d tell Carson how she felt.

Within minutes, a fire erupted in the distance and the campus was swarmed with police, Halston being pushed out of the office by her friends. They’d gotten away. They completed their task and had the test answers. Standing outside, they all congratulated each other and hugged. As she was hugging Carson, her perfume hit her nostrils and Halston’s eyes snapped open. She made a deal with God…and she had to honor it.

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