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Let's Just Take a Moment to Appreciate Mama Maximoff...

This is what happens when I think too much about my X-Kids and all that Tragedy™ that surrounds them.
(Anything said in bold is @ishouldprobablychangemyusername cause she’s a terrible person and a Bad Influence™)
- Okay so like hear me out
- Ms. Maximoff has seen a lot of mutant shit from her children and is so immune to it all that she takes everything in her stride
- So let’s take a scenario in which the X-Kids (Kurt, Jean, Scott, Jubilee, Ororo and Peter) are all gonna meet up for some non-world-ending-thing and so they all plan to meet at Peter’s house
-(Maybe like video game/movie marathon in his basement idk)(really would anyone want to take Peter on with video games he would win…all the time)((what about board games…))(((that would be interesting)))
- Anyway so like Kurt arrives first and is super nervous to meet Ms. Maximoff cause Peter has told them absolutely nothing about his fam only that he’s the only guy and he has two sisters
-So he rings the doorbell and hopes that Peter is home and answers the door
- spoiler alert: he’s not and it’s ms Maximoff who opens the door
- She doesn’t even blink an eye at the fact he’s blue and just smiles and invites him in
- Like it’s better to have mutant teens on her doorstep who are actually friends with Peter and not grumpy cops trampling her lawn
- Kurt is like so taken aback and is super confused when she keeps smiling and offers him drinks and food.
- Peter’s lil sis promptly crawls over and starts giggling and trying to catch his tail
- (Kurt is super confused but the tiny human(or maybe mutant who knows with that fam) is giggling and he feels all warm and happy that the small child is not afraid of him)(TBH Kurt’s always confused by something)
- Then Jean and Scott drop in and again they are welcomed in with the same enthusiasm(Jean is extremely happy by this enthusiasm and responds with the same amount helping Ms. Maximoff with food and drinks)
- They all just kind of sit on the comfy sofa and Peter’s lil sis decides that Scott’s glasses are the coolest thing since twinkies and so tries valiantly to remove them from a resisting Scott’s face
- Jean just laughs and Scott pouts and calls her a traitor
- (She knows he’s lying tho and finds it adorable but he has to be Manly™)
- But like lil sis ends up with favourites and Scott is soon overtaken and pushed down to third place when Jubilee arrives (Like how can this child resist sparkles)(no one can resist sparkles)
- Anyway Mama maximoff totally had this all planned from the start cause Peter has told her so much about all these kids he’s now friends with
- And so when Ororo arrives with like a literal ray of sunshine splitting the clouds in the sky she instantly takes to the girl
- Mama Maximoff gets them all hand made lemonade and cookies cause she’s just amazing
- The mutants are all like super happy and feel so loved
- Anyway cue Peter returning home to find the entire mutant squad crashing around his living room playing with his lil sis as his mum brings them lemonade and cookies. He was very confused (the mutant squad have photos Peter’s expression when he found them)
- so like now mama Maximoff has claimed all these punk kids as part of her renegade fam and Peter just rolls with it cause he loves his mum like who doesn’t?
- Then one day one of the mutant squad gets hurt in training and Ms Maximoff is there to berate the teachers for letting these kids get hurt. (Raven’s scared)
- And then she runs into Erik and there’s the whole “shit we banged” moment
- and she’s just like “don’t worry you can keep pretending we don’t know each other I’m just here for my kid”
“You have a kid!!!”
“Yeah so do you lmao bye”
- Erik is left extremely confused
- Peter then comes up beside him like “so you met mum……again”

- The next time he’s sees her she’s there dragging Peter in to enroll so he can finish up his education
- But wanda and lil sis are there too
- Erik is mega confused
- (Wanda’s laughing her head off)
- Erik is just like “which child is mine???? I can’t just ASK????”
- Jean Knows™ Peter is just trying to process the fact he’s going back to school ffs and the rest of the squad are just trying to work out why Erik looks like he’s about to burst a vein. (Well apart from Ororo cause she knows too and is cackling in the background)
- Queue erik having and existential crisis
- Basically mama maximoff and her multiple mutant children gives me life
- (Hit me up if u want any more hcs lmao)