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Random Zach Headcanons

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  • Is actually a giant nerd
  • Like ya in the bio way but I’m talking Batman obsession
  • Has seen every DC and Marvel movie
  • Reads comic books in his free time
  • Obsessed with video games
  • Is like highkey a genius but has no common sense
  • Knows super complicated DNA structures but not how to use a washer without ruining his clothes
  • Can’t cook anything except pancakes because it’s his sister’s favorite 
  • but he burns literally anything else
  • but he is boss at doing hair 
  • like he does all these braids for his sister 
  • and he’s the soft older brother who lets his sister do his hair/makeup 
  • The type of friend to egg everyone on
  • Aka encouraging his friends to do really stupid things
  • “You can totally make that jump”
  • When Hannah died he took it really personally
  • But it motivated him to be a better person
  • Compliments everyone, always smiling, doing his best to make others happy
  • Cute puppy Zach wants to make everyone happy