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Falsettos headcanons for the teeny tiny band

I know a lot of us are feeling really bad tonight, so here are some headcanons (Modern AU and canon era) to hopefully cheer you up a bit:

(Modern AU) Jason, Charlotte, and Cordelia watch Game of Thrones every Sunday.  They always talk about it afterwards.  Jason and Charlotte have read the books and unleash their nerd-rage on poor Cordelia, who just wants to protect Sansa Stark from all the men around her.

Mendel sings Fiddler on the Roof around the house.  He loves to sing “Miracle of Miracles” for Trina.  She always cries.

Trina and Mendel’s daughter is named Ruth Hannah Weisenbachfeld.  When she’s feeling like no one understands her, least of all her parents, Jason reminds her that “everyone hates their parents.”  He even does the “agitato grande” thing that Mendel did for him.

Whizzer insists that everyone beat each other with scallions during “Dayenu” (a Sephardic/Mizrahi tradition) at seders.  He and Jason compete to see who can hit Marvin the most during the song.

Trina and Whizzer love to bitch about Marvin.  Sometimes Mendel and Jason join them.

(Modern AU) Jason, Charlotte, and Cordelia go to the New York Comic Con cosplaying as Game of Thrones characters (Charlotte as Margaery, Cordelia as Sansa, and Jason as Jon Snow).

Jason calls Trina and Mendel begging them to pick him up early one Saturday night when he can hear Marvin and Whizzer having sex in the next room.  Mendel says no, but Trina is furious and dresses both Whizzer and Marvin down for doing it with Jason in the next room.

Marvin loves to dance in the dorkiest way possible to old showtunes by Jews (Irving Berlin is his favorite).

I have picked myself up countless times. I have cried, wiped my tears and carried on. I have hurt so badly. I fall apart all the time but I put myself back together. When I enter a difficult situation I break and I cry and I get mad and then I stand up tall and I deal with it. I am strong. Sometimes I need help but that does not take away my strength. I remind myself a thousand times a day that I will be okay and I always manage to welcome the new day when the sun rises. Regardless of how much pain, heartbreak, suffering or sheer hurt I go through I keep going. I will hurt and I will cry and I will wish I wasn’t alive but I will be okay. I am strong and I won’t let anyone tell me differently.
—  From my journal | Hannah D. | ihavehadnocourage/hannah-ruth-x 

Hillywood, Ruthie, Matt & Rich and Adrianne photos:
Hillywood: so cute, they recognised me as me and my friend had gone to chat with them a few times at the con and hugged me for the photo.
Ruthie: My second op of the con. I asked “can we pose back to back like we hate each other…but actually I love you.” So this happened. After the op she asked to see my eyes, then asked if they were my eyes (I was confused af haha), when I said yes she said I have amazing eyes which was so cute.
Matt&Rich: this was quite rushed as I’d had to leave the Jared & Adrianne queue to get this photo. I was essentially shoved into this photo with no clue what to do so I just stood between them. It turned out nice though. :)
Adrianne: my last photo of the day. She is so tall and was wearing heels and so she completely towered over me, but I couldn’t not hug her because I love Sam & Jess so much gaah. She was so sweet ❤