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Meet the faces of the voices.

  • Jacob: So, how come Charlie never turns up for work?
  • Connie: Oh, he's probably helping one of us solve our family, financial, social or mental issues so we don't mind
  • Jacob: You don't care that he never does any work?
  • Connie: ...It's Charlie...He helped me reform my relationship with my daughter
  • Lily: Yeah and he comforted me when my father died
  • Zoe: Yeah and he saved me from drowning on my wedding day
  • Cal: Yeah and he found my birth mum
  • Jacob: He found your birth mum?
  • Cal: Yeah totally
  • Ethan: Birth what?
  • Rita: Yeah, once he didn't turn up for work, and when we called him he was in Bucharest
  • Connie: We're cool with it
basically that episode
  • Caleb: I feel like shit
  • Connie: Wtf Cal
  • Ethan: *wears two stethoscopes*
  • Max: I feel emasculated cus I have no money
  • Zoe: Greece, Greece, Greece, Greek food, Greek sex, Greece
  • Tess: Everyone do as I say
  • Charlie: I'm not even tir-zzzZZZzzzZZz
  • Louis: Lol
  • Lily: What is my lyfe?
  • Robyn: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Zachhhhhhhh
  • Zach: your smile bby (pls can we leave the pub to have sex)
  • Rita: £37.50!
  • Lofty: *stands awkwardly in the background*
  • Dylan: Why don't any of my patients like me? They keep dying
  • Old man: Is it cold outside?
People say that women in this game (Arkham Knight) are useless. Okay, Batman was written in a misogynistic time and has fairly standard gender roles, which does make it awkward in the modern age. But surely it says something that Oracle’s like “I’m gonna to try and break free, I’m gonna pepper spray a guy in the face, I’m gonna crawl out of a car, I’m going to try and escape.” She could have just sat there and done nothing and cried. Okay, Poison Ivy’s still in lock-up, Catwoman needs to be rescued by Batman; it shouldn’t be about the end result of what happens. And I know this story-line.  I know it’s pretty dark, but she’s not just lying down and taking it. She’s trying to fight and I think that’s what’s important. It’s what you do with the time that is given to you, to quote Gandalf. A lot of comic book stuff has come under fire recently; Black Widow and The Avengers as well. People seem to forget that Batman’s from the 40’s. That’s a lot of history that they’ve got that you can’t just click your fingers and change. You’ve got to do it gradually. It’s a delicate balance, cuz if you get it wrong you end up pissing off the old fans as well as the new fans, so I kind of feel sympathy for people who do comics and films and games. You’ve just gotta be sensible about it and not start waving pitchforks unnecessarily, which seems to be the done thing currently.
—  Hannah Rutherford

Congratulations on the well deserved award.  While she won for her amazing performance as Chloe, don’t forget most of the LiS cast did voices for multiple characters.

Keep in mind there’s a tiny mistake in the video, I’m sure they might fix it and when they do I’ll update the post.

And they forgot to include,

those were his beans!