hannah kennedy

Gouramis are puppies and they touch stuff with their whisker hands.

Feeling rusty, so I am going to get back into posting a little something once a day. Made myself do something that isn’t “work” this morning.

Things I want to focus on:
Studies (Scales, Armor, Portraits, Lighting)
3 Value Thumbnails (planning for future pieces)
Pencil drawings
Gesture/Figure Drawings
Simple Gifs
MAYBE some master studies. But maybe not.


NDAs have passed and I am VERY excited to finally share with you some of the work I did for Pathfinder’s most recent player companion! World building a gnome village, and getting to paint a goblin about to get mangled by a big kitty. This is the life.

I love working in game art.

Sidenote: for those have you that have ever wondered what would happen if your whole computer crashed right before a big client deadline, I know how it feels. This one right here. BUT, with a few sleepless nights and a lot of help from my friends, I survived. And it turned out great. It will be ok, guys.


New interview with Hannah New (Eleanor Guthrie) and Jessica Parker Kennedy (Max) for season 4 of Black Sails, on a live Facebook for TV Guide Magazine.

I do not understand anything about English at the audio but I thought I heard Hannah talking about Vane, Rogers, everything. If anyone could transcribe this interview somewhere, I would be very, very grateful !!!


Even after love, even with a person she loves, Eleanor still feels the need to go look at Nassau.

This is what makes her the only true Queen of this island.


“Anne was unharmed.”