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the signs as class 1-A students
  • Aries: Ochako Uraraka
  • Taurus: Midoriya Izuku
  • Gemini: Mina Ashido
  • Cancer: Tsuyu Asui
  • Leo: Kaminari Denki
  • Virgo: Momo Yaoyorozu
  • Libra: Tenya Iida
  • Scorpio: Kyouka Jirou
  • Sagittarius: Kirishima Eijirou
  • Capricorn: Katsuki Bakugou
  • Aquarius: Todoroki Shouto
  • Pisces: Tooru Hagakure
One-Shot: You've Now Reached Your Destination (You Were There All Along)

Title: You’ve Now Reached Your Destination (You Were There All Along)

Pairing: Brittana romance, glee club friendship

Word Count: ~5,300

Summary: “The truth is that the glee kids are super nerdy, but they’re also surprisingly decent… They’re always kind of just around, being okay to people.”

Author’s Note: This story is for my bestie Han, in honor of her birthday, which was yesterday. Han is my favourite human. I wish her happiness, success, and all sorts of fictional lesbian storylines to watch in the upcoming year. I love you!

This story is set during the summer between Seasons Two and Three.

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socallmedaisy  asked:

Okay so re: your point in the Brittanalysis about Brittany calling Lord Tubbs out for stuff when she can't really say what she means? Well she's mad at Tubbs for joining a gang... and Santana went and joined another "gang" too. She's a Card now, not a Cheerio. So she really might as well be talking to Santana in this case; she's mad at them both for the same thing. PS - BRAAAAAAAM.

anonymous asked:

do you think it takes a (good) author to be a (good) beta? or can someone who never wrote still provide good beta advice/corrections/etc.?

Hey, Anon!

Honestly, I think it depends on the author and beta in question. 

Every author has different needs, when it comes to his or her storytelling process. Some authors need help with technical editing (i.e., spelling, grammar, punctuation), others need sounding boards for their ideas, others need someone to help them check facts, others just need good ol’ fashioned emotional support, etc. Some need a combination of the above helps. Some authors don’t prefer to work with a beta at all and some prefer to work with multiple betas, all filling different roles.

If someone fills all your needs as an author, then that person will be the best beta for you, regardless of whether or not that person writes his or her own creative work.

That being said, I think that a good beta by necessity must understand the basic components of storytelling (i.e., plot, characterization, the laws of narrative, etc). I also think that a good beta must by necessity understand–and adore–language.

Some people can fulfill those requirements without necessarily writing for themselves, though it usually doesn’t hurt at all for someone to also be an author in his or her own right, when it comes to betaing.

Like so many things with the language arts, so much depends upon a red wheelbarrow on circumstances. Someone could be the best author in the world and yet a horrible beta. Conversely, someone could not write a lick of his or her own work and yet be the best beta en la historia.

As for my own beta, she gives me awesome feedback on my ideas, catches my frequent and sometimes epic typos, cheerleads me when I get down, asks me thoughtful questions that motivate me to write, and is basically all-around flawless.

She also just so happens to be a fucking amazing author.

She’s still asleep so I can still compliment her without her realizing it. She is going to kill me tomorrow!

Ultimately, it’s all about finding a beta who works for you.

Thanks for writing in! 

anonymous asked:

Like, I'm actually a little bit jealous that you get to read each chapter of i-80 west before anyone else, JJ. I still love you tho.

That’s okay, Anon, because I’m kind of jealous of myself for getting to read it early, too–like I can’t believe I’m that lucky.

Han is absolutely brilliant. I can’t say enough good things about her or her work. She is both a gentlewoman and a scholar. I can’t wait for you guys to all get the chance to read the rest of her stuff!

The cool thing is that she’s in bed right now so she can’t swoop in with her British modesty and stop me from saying true things about her. This will be here for hours before she notices. I’d better take the opportunity to say more true things: Basically, Han is the most hilarious person, just about. She makes me laugh like crazy. Also, she has excellent taste in all things fangirl. Also, she keeps everything so put together. Like, I have no idea how she manages to do everything she has to do. I want to be like Han when I grow up. She is a flawless beta and an even more flawless author. Have I mentioned that her story is genius? Because it is.

Also, I love you, too, Anon.