hannah in a snapback

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Bringing it back. 

Because I too am snapback trash

Credit to Sophii, Rachel, Meg, Hannah, and Ashlee for fueling this

Annabeth flips through her history book, reviewing the sections she needs to review. AP history isn’t a joke and she has no plans on treating it as such, which means reviewing the chapters until she has them down perfectly. In the middle of the section on Calvinism she picks out the unmistakable sound of skateboard wheels clattering over sidewalk cracks. Her eyes flick up of their own accord, she has to stop herself from letting out a whimpered groan when she sees him. Biting down on the cap of her pen to keep from embarrassing herself.

It makes sense that Percy would take off his shirt in the August heat, especially since he’s just finished basketball practice, but that doesn’t make it fair. The snap back he has pulled backwards doesn’t help her situation either. Annabeth notes with pride it’s the same one she bought him last Christmas, giving herself a lopsided smile around the pen in her mouth.

Summer weekends spent at Montauk have built up his tan to a glorious bronze while summer training and the glories of puberty have honed his muscles to jaw clenching perfection. His shoulders are a bit wider, his chest having filled out enough to define his pecks, and the shadow of a six-pack is starting to appear. Her eyes drink everything in as he makes winds a lazy path towards the stairs she’s camped out on. As he gets closer she can spot the slight sheen of sweat, her hand tightening around the pen. Either he won’t take a shower and she’ll have to deal with him smelling like salt and sweat and the ocean on a hot summer day or he will take a shower and he’ll smell of Old Spice bodywash. Neither option is particularly beneficial to her hormone riddled body and she’ll be forced to spend the next several hours keeping herself from dragging her hands across his back either way.

Percy hops off and scoops up his board without breaking stride and jogs the last few paces over to her. A few wild strands of jet black hair stick out from under the cap, falling across his forehead in jagged, irregular spikes. At some point during practice or the ride over here his basketball shorts have slipped low on his waist, giving her a view of the tortuous muscle indents that run from his hips and disappear beneath the hem of his boxers. What Annabeth wouldn’t do to trace them with her fingers and find out exactly where they lead. 

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gracesheavenlylegs  asked:

Could you draw a picture of Grace and Hannah at Disney World? With the castle in the background and Grace is wearing Minnie Mouse ears with the bow headband and Hannah's wearing a SnapBack with Mickey Mouse ears. please Please PLEASE

This is ridiculously long overdue but I hope you enjoy it!

Preconception & Bias– I have been thinking about this for a bit and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to rethink my perceptions of others. When I look at the above picture, this is what I found myself thinking. 

I see Snapback Hannah as approachable, perhaps someone with whom I could easily speak. I identify with her style, see her as non-threatening and friendly. Is it body language? How she’s dressed? Or that I tend to hang out with others of similar style?  Well, body language says she’s guarding herself so I’ll go with the “look”.

When I see Button-down (or is it up?) Hannah, I feel somewhat intimidated. Not because she’s reading a book about God because I’d actually ask about the book she’s reading if I felt she was open to conversation. Maybe it’s the “intellectual look”, the thought she could be ‘moody’, one who doesn’t like to be interrupted when she’s reading? Possibilities based on nothing but assumption and past experience which is not at all infallible.

Based on presumptions, I’d probably have more in common with Button-down Hannah than Snapback Hannah. I’d more likely to be the one reading (or writing in a journal) while I was waiting for the bus. More of me actually identifies with the projected persona of Button-down Hannah.

So the problem is that they are both the same person. I am reading presumptions into how they are dressed or acting, and how ‘they’ would react to me trying to start a conversation. And conversely, people are making the same presumptions of me based most likely on nothing but my appearance.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I felt uncomfortable when I realized that’s exactly what I was doing even though I knew there is only one person playing two roles. What does that say about me? Whatever it does, I don’t like it. And I just am unable to shake the feeling that I am somehow failing as a person and a Hartosexual.