hannah hart adorable


With a sigh of defeat, Hannah looked up at you and asked, “What do you want to do now?”
“How about I have a sip of that,” you said as you reached out towards the bottle she was holding.

Your nonchalant request made her burst out in laughter as she took a moment to walk away, accidentally forgetting that she had the bottle.’
Since you didn’t want to give up so easily, you went back to trying to fix what was going to be your dinner.

While you played with your food like a mad scientist, Hannah came up from behind you and wrapped her hands around you. She rested her head on your shoulder with a gentle smile, and you stopped what you were doing just so you could look at her.

Both of you had that bright look in your eyes twinkling just for each other. She gave your cheek a quick peck, and since you wanted more you went back to give her lips a quick peck. Even if you had messed up your dinner, it didn’t even matter because of Hannah.

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Adorable 😭❤️😱