hannah höch

  • Draco: well, the rest of the world isn't in love with Hermione Granger!
  • Hermione: you're in love with me?
  • Draco: unless you're not in love with me. then I take it back, because, you know... I'm cool

The Harvey Beaks episode I did props, effects, and character designs on aired LAST NIGHT!

Lemme just say it was such a treat to work on something for animation and learn a ton of new things, all while working with incredibly talented people! Very big thanks to Nicholas​ Sumida for putting me in touch with Nickelodeon, and to Hannah Ayoubi and Aaron Austin​ for the storyboards! Couldn’t have asked for cuter art to work from!

In this clip I got to design the bug parade! Some floaty jellyfish! Some dancing flowers! An avocado! And a ton more! Hope you enjoy!