hannah graff illustrations

Big News! I am joining my boyfriend in making our own online comic. We have been brain storming and working together to create “Red Ved'ma.” We will be posting issues of our new comic on this site!

“Red Ved'ma” is the tale of Iris Veteniye, a 24 year old witch recently awoken from her self-imposed 100 year slumber. Using her day job as a funeral home assistant, Iris watches over the dead for evidence of the occult, fearful that her return may have drawn the attention of the remnants of her former coven. It’s not long before her fears are confirmed, as shadowy creatures and barbaric rituals infiltrate the city and lower the barrier that exists between her world and the horrible realms beyond.

Scott Hale is the magnificent writer, and Hannah Graff is the artist and illustrator for this new online comic, “Red Ved'ma.”

Spread the news and keep an eye out for new issues in the weeks to come!!!