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The Selection in a Nutshell
  • Maxon: The stars sure are beautiful tonight.
  • America: Yeah
  • Maxon: You know who else is beautiful?
  • America: *blushes* who?
  • Maxon: Marlee, Elayna, Tuesday, Olivia, Fiona, Celeste, Emmica, Samantha, Tiny, Kriss, Bariel, Ashley, Janelle, Amy, Tallulah, Anna, Kayleigh, Emily, Elizabeth, Natalie, Lyssa, Hannah, Elise, Jenna, Clarissa, C.C., Laila, Reeli, Mikaela, Camille, Mia, Zoe, Sosie, Leah, and how can I forget the fairest of them all? Daphne!
Hey Everbody!

A few days ago I dared to try to represent the 35 selected girls and,as you saw, I finished this mission recently. 
It was very gratifying to do this job, I had a lot of fun!
Now, for those who want to revisit the editions, I will make available the list of the 35 selected girls with the publication link. Have Fun!

  1. Marlee Tames 
  2. Elayna Stoles 
  3. Tuesday Keeper 
  4. Olivia Witts 
  5. Fiona Castley
  6. Celeste Newsome 
  7. Emmica Brass 
  8. Samantha Lowell
  9. Tiny Lee 
  10. Kriss Ambers 
  11. Bariel Pratt 
  12. Ashley Brouillette 
  13. Janelle Stanton 
  14. Amy Everheart 
  15. Tallulah Bell 
  16. Anna Farmer 
  17. Kayleigh Poulin 
  18. Emily Arnold 
  19. Elizabeth O’Brien 
  20. Natalie Luca 
  21. Lyssa Bow 
  22. Hannah Carver 
  23. Elise Whisks 
  24. Jenna Banks 
  25. Clarissa Kelley 
  26. C.C. Lands 
  27. Laila Toil 
  28. Reeli Tanner 
  29. Mikaela Coveny 
  30. Camille Astor 
  31. Mia Blue 
  32. Zoe Peddler 
  33. Sosie Keeper 
  34. Leah Sacks 
  35. America Singer 

P.S:  I do the Selection Suitor’s version?

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