hannah cadec


Lovely Degas photos from the restaged tour: 

  • Degas recreated, US leg of the tour 
  • Hannah Cadec (?), UK leg of the tour
  • Morgan Cowling, US leg of the tour 
  • More Degas moments, UK leg of the tour

Yes anonymous, there are many gorgeous costumes in the new UK tour too. But when they’re gorgeous it’s because they’re fairly unaltered, they’re Maria Bjørnson’s original design, they look professional. Can you blame me for wanting that for ALL the costumes? 

Since I did the grumpy one yesterday, here’s my favourite costumes from the UK tour: 

1. Christine’s Elissa skirt. A new one, and identical to what they wear in the West End. The new scarf is a give-or-take. I miss the tiara to give her the little extra but overall this is a recognizable and ornamental look. 

2. Carlotta’s Elissa skirt. Believe it or not, one of my all-time favourites. It’s an old, original 1995 skirt with a newer bodice. The colours accent the wearer so well, and it gives her a defined shape. I also love the crazy old-school tiara and the red-green fringes. I wish all Angela M. Caesar’s costumes was this rich!

3. Meg’s Gypsy costume. Again a fairly unaltered costume. And thank God they’ve given her proper boots and not low shoes. I know the less curly wigs is an eyesore to some, but to me it doesn’t look less period and it certainly doesn’t look bad on the wearer. 

4. The porter in the Auction. Just because I love that some of the costumes for the minor roles has been left unchanged as well. There’s a lot of new minor character costumes, with plain suits and not too much accessories. They just disappear in the background. These don’t. Also, I remember finding them very mysterious first time seeing Phantom. It’s one of my earliest Phantom memories.  Which is why I was happy to see this still appearing in the auction.

5. Christine’s Mausoleum costume. Cause it’s the same ornamental Wshing gown design and fabric first worn by Sarah Brightman in 1986. I think the costume lacks the red scarf to really pop, and also to “arch” the storytelling, but in general this maintains the integrity of one of the most iconic costumes in Phantom history. 

6. The Degas costumes. The bodices looks softer than usual, but they give a wonderful Degas-y feeling, and the added little details from the opera backstage life adds to this feeling. And they’ve kept the pointe shoes, thank God. 

7. The fops in Il Muto. Though alternations has been done to them, especially the jeweler, the costumes are still recognizable and they also give a convincing Rococo flair. And though I’ve used this word a hundred times already - it looks rich. It has lots of details giving them a sculpted look under the stage lights. 


Inspiring myself with some sassy Gypsy Meg photos: 

1. Gabriela Nicholson (?), Hamburg. 
2. Brianne Kelly Morgan, Las Vegas. 
3. Jennifer Wagstaffe, Copenhagen. 
4. Julie Collins, Hamburg. 
5. Polly Baird, Broadway. 
6. Sabrina Harper, Hamburg. 
7. Tori Johns, West End. 
8. Hannah Cadec, restaged UK tour. 
9. Anna Forbes, West End.