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Am I the only one pissed off that it’s 10 EPISODES and we are getting nothing! Dealing with some irrelevant ass little girl, taking up the time they could be using to figure out who the FUCK A.D is ….now we only have 8 left. Marlene is killing me.

June 8 2010 - June 27 2017

Today we get to say goodbye to our beloved series. Pretty little liars was the first show I’ve ever watched. I will forever be grateful to the cast and everyone else who made this series possible. I will miss you @prettylittleliars Always and forever.

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The difference between pretty little liars ending and the rest of the shows like TVD, Teen Wolf and reign ending is that, we can see the actors and everyone will miss the show as much as any fan would.

PLL 7x15 Thoughts and Theories

This is the first time I am posting something like this so bear with me! Also sorry it’s so long but I have so much to say!

• What on earth is in Aria’s file?! It must be something really serious for her to betray her friends like this. I’m a big believer in that fact that Aria was pregnant as it just makes so much sense. I think Ezra got Aria pregnant whilst she was still in school, but Aria didn’t tell anyone and got an abortion to protect Ezra. If this pregnancy is what is in her file, all the pieces fit together! Think about it, if this were true, Ezra would probably pick Nicole over Aria because Aria has lied this whole time, and also Ezra would go to prison because Aria was in school whilst this happened and was practically still a child.

• I was never really convinced by the ‘Spencer has a twin’ theory, but after this episode I feel like it could be true. Fuery basically just told Spencer that he knows she’s played a part in killing Elliot/Archer (or whatever his name is bc who the hell knows), and that the evidence is about to be release and she’s gonna go down. So why on earth would Spencer leave and go to the airport knowing that information?! And also how did she get there so fast?!

• When we got to the airport scene, we know Ezra is near his gate and is ready to leave. But then he see’s Spencer (or Twincer) with Wren. Now, we all know that you cannot get to the gates of an airport without a ticket, Spencer would not buy a plane ticket just to have a conversation with Wren. So what’s going on there? Is Spencer about to do a runner? OR was Twincer off somewhere? OR was Twincer coming back from somewhere with Wren?!

• The whole airport scene was just really dodgy tbh, Wren and Ezra did not meet for the first time! It could just be the fact that Ezra knows a lot about Wren from when he went all rouge trying to write that book (Season 4 I think it was), or they have had some kind of interaction previously. Hmm…

• Lucas is fucking shady a hell! He could be A.D, but I feel like this is just Marlene’s way of throwing us off from finding who it really is. He is definitely an accomplice though, for sure! Also when we see the comic book and they show us Lucas & Charles written on it, look at the A in Lucas’s name. FAMILIAR MUCH? I think so!

• This whole Allison and Emily story line is just a bit bleh. I totally ship Emison 100% and i’m so up for an Emison baby, but the way it’s all happening is not very realistic (but then again what is realistic in this show). Also I think there should have been an Emison kiss at the end when they hugged, the scene, the music and the camera work was the perfect set up for it!

• Can somebody find Caleb and bring him back please. We cannot be talking Haleb babies when Caleb is nowhere to be seen.

• MARY FUCKING DRAKE. Where the hell is she? This story line is seriously dragging out and it’s getting boring.

• A.D facetiming Aria with her face is so very unrealistic and it just makes the while thing comical. Do not like that.

• A big well done to Troian for directing this episode, she brought out the best in all of the characters and I loved it!

That is all for now, if you made it to the bottom thank you for reading!