hannah bateman

basically that episode
  • Caleb: I feel like shit
  • Connie: Wtf Cal
  • Ethan: *wears two stethoscopes*
  • Max: I feel emasculated cus I have no money
  • Zoe: Greece, Greece, Greece, Greek food, Greek sex, Greece
  • Tess: Everyone do as I say
  • Charlie: I'm not even tir-zzzZZZzzzZZz
  • Louis: Lol
  • Lily: What is my lyfe?
  • Robyn: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Zachhhhhhhh
  • Zach: your smile bby (pls can we leave the pub to have sex)
  • Rita: £37.50!
  • Lofty: *stands awkwardly in the background*
  • Dylan: Why don't any of my patients like me? They keep dying
  • Old man: Is it cold outside?