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Fave Five: Booktube Channels

Books And Quills - Sanne does a variety of bookish and non-book related videos and the variety is what keeps me watching.

Jen Campbell - Jen Campbell is one booktuber that speaks about books outside of YA. Not only does she talk about books but, like Sanne, she gives insight into publishing, which is very interesting.

A Clockwork Reader - Hannah has the most calming voice! Her videos feature a lot of variety and while she has a YA focus, she makes an effort to read widely and communicates that to her viewers. 

A Booktube Book - Farah posts a great variety of videos and her reviews and wrap-ups are detailed and well-explained.

Ariel Bisset - Like the others, I follow Ariel because she posts videos that are not simply TBRs and wrap-ups.

You’re an asshole but I love you [FrUK Drabble]

Preface: This drabble was born out of @crispyliza‘s tags for another FrUK fanfic where she expressed her love for Francis centered Fruk. It’s just a drabble and needs editing but I’ll hope it’s what you wished for nonetheless.
Also the title is taken from True Love by P!nk, fight me
Summary: François’ best friend is once more disappointed by her favourite Englishman and comes to him to rant about it.
She’s not alone with her feelings.
Warning: This is an Human AU and set in my Mafia!AU series. It contains major human OCs and minor aph OCs.
Ships: FrUK, Tarielle or Arielle&Tahir, mentioned ScotFra, mentioned UltsterScot, mentioned Railey.

„I hate him so much sometimes, I wish I would have in first place,“ Arielle said after she came into François’ office. Sun was setting over Paris and soon enough, the street lamps outside would turn on and chase the grey-ish blue away.

No one could however probably chase the kind of blue away Arielle felt.

François smiled faintly while his eyebrows arched upwards. “What did Tahir do now? Anything in particular?”

“He exists and rubs me the wrong way!” Arielle said and let herself fall onto one of the armchairs in his office.

He sighed and chuckled quietly, then got up from his office chair and sat next to Arielle. “So it’s just another day of you regretting what is instead of what could be.”

Arielle shot him a suspicious and miffed look; she still didn’t like it when people said she had a crush on Tahir instead of just appreciating him as a friend. Since that one evening in Germany however, she had been opposing those kind of comments less vehemently. François suspected it had something to do with jealousy, especially after the stunt the Englishmen had pulled.

Speaking of Englishmen, it reminded him of the text he had received earlier this day – and tried to forget ever since.

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Ariel did NOT change herself for a man

It’s the age-old complaint that Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid had “changed herself for a man” and is thought of as less and is even hated as a character altogether. I’m here to give my two cents and tell you what I think, as a Little Mermaid ultimate fan and Disney fanatic.

In the movie, it starts off with Ariel being missing from a concert she was supposed to be singing at for her father and the kingdom. It then cuts to a scene with her and Flounder, and they are about to explore a sunken ship. Ariel then explains that she likes to collect things from sunken ships and find treasures from “the above world” as she describes it. It then shows her talking to Scuttle, who explains what those items are. It seems that she has a fascination with life on land, and then it shows she has a ginormous collection of things that humans and people who live on land use. She sings “Part of your world” where she says how much she wants to be on land and explore and learn about life on land.

BUT. Does it in any way say that she wants to be on land for a man yet? No? Well, here is what happens.

After singing Part of your world, she hears a ship and goes up to see it, and then proceeds to watch and observe what the sailors are doing. She says she hasn’t ever seen a human that close before. She then sees Prince Eric, who she falls in love with from first sight. After the ship is hit by a storm and is being destroyed, Ariel saves Eric and then sings the reprise of “Part of your world” where she wants to be part of Eric’s world, as well as being a human.

She wanted to be a human and learn about life on land LONG before she wanted to be with Eric. Her collection couldn’t have been that large if she just decided that a little bit ago. It probably took years and years to grow that collection. She wanted to be a human and learn about what it’s like to be a human and live on land before she met Eric. She didn’t change JUST to meet Eric. She changed because she wanted to learn and was curious about life on land. It wasn’t just about a man.

TL;DR: Ariel wanted to be a human long before she saw Eric, and she didn’t change just to meet him. She wanted to be a human before she saw him, but decided to change to meet him and “explore that shore up above”. Ariel didn’t change for a man. She changed for herself and her curiosity of life on land.