hannah and kaleb

An Open Letter to Amazing YouTubers

Dear Laci GreenMeghan TonjesTyler OakleyTomSkaViHartALBRoss EverettMatt LiebermanMeg TurneyTom FlynnTyrannosaurus LexArielle ScarcellaDan at NerdCubedRachel WhitehurstHannah Witton, Jefferson Bethke, MusicalBethanKaleb NationChris ThompsonMichael BuckleyJared ObanLiam DrydenSanne VliegenthartBryarly BishopNicola FotiChescaleigh,Grace HelbigWheezy WaiterMorgan PaigeNathan Z.MumboJumboMiles Jai,Adorian DeckAlli SpeedMatthew SantoroJaclyn GlennHank GreenRosianna RojasGraysonTaryn SouthernCarrie Hope FletcherAdam HattanDrew MonsonJosh SundquistMamrie HartStrawburry17Catie WayneHannah Hart,CatrificConnor ManningEmily GraslieSarah WeichelJack HowardLouise SprinkleofglitterMr. RepzionJohn GreenRob DykeDean DobbsCharlie McDonnellWil WheatonMitch & Greg at AsapSCIENCEDaveyWaveyEmma Blackery, and Luke Cutforth,

You guys are brave as fuck. And amazing - which is why I’m writing this letter. Why are you brave, you ask? Because you have signed lacigreen’s “An Open Letter to Sam Pepper.” This makes you brave because you could have loads of brainwashed subscribers of Sam’s who get irked at you for signing this letter, yet you have signed it anyway. You have taken a stand, and been the role model that you involuntarily became when you became a well-known YouTuber, and for that I applaud you.

Because, let’s be real here,


-Halle Sklivas