hannah and drew

Sorting through papers I found this lil post-it note I doodled quite a while ago of Neville & Hannah studying. I think I wanted to add a grand library background, maybe? That’d be a fun thing to paint at some point ^^

ND Characters Ask Meme~
  • Nancy Drew: What happened to your mom?
  • Ned Nickerson: On a scale of 1 to 10, how worthless are you as a human being?
  • Frank Hardy: Have you ever been friend zoned?
  • Joe Hardy: What's the weirdest thing you own?
  • Bess Marvin: Who's your celebrity crush?
  • George Fayne: What's something that you are a complete nerd over?
  • Carson Drew: Do you ever wish that you could escape reality and become a golf ball?
  • Hannah Gruen: Do you have any "old person" tendencies?

For an office outing, my department went to one of those “break out of the rooms” places and I ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED IT

My boss: wow you really knew what you were doing
Me: oh yeah I kind of like solving puzzles
*intense war flashbacks to crying over the HAU chemistry puzzle, the VEN tunnel puzzle, the LIE pomegranate puzzle, etc*

I really need to practice my facial expressions more, since I’ve never really done it before ;-;

But like… Imagine River Heights a few years before Nancy was even born.

  • Kate and Carson doing cute couple things that you can really only get away with in a picturesque small town, liking riding a tandem bike or having picnics on top of office buildings.
  • BFFs Antonia Scallari and Linda Petrov staring down anyone who even tries to talk to them because they don’t have time for anyone. They’re too busy listening to boy bands and blowing bubble gum.
  • Junior Detective McGinnis keeping his town safe, and considering growing a mustache. Toddler John Ryan watching McGinnis catch a thief and telling his moms he wants to be a detective when he grows up!
  • The Drews becoming close friends with the Marvins, and the four of them convincing the Faynes to move into a new house on their block.
  • Hannah Gruen and Rose Green working together at the high school. Hannah talks about how she’s considering looking into starting a housekeeping business, and Rose starts saving so she can one day start a hotel.
  • The Chisholms visiting all the way from Scotland to spend time with Kate and Carson, exploring the town, and even stopping into Alexei’s antique shop. This was during Alexei’s regretful long hair years.
  • Carson taking a chance and starting his own law firm, working closely with McGinnis to (as Kate put it) “put the bad guys away in a more legal and less dangerous manner”.